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  1. "Design for Doom" (Superman)
  2. "Robert L. Golay" (Supermen of the U.S. Army)
  3. "Laffs"
  4. "Melody of Menace" (Vigilante)
  5. "Clancy the Cop"
  6. "War Hawks of Greenland" (Three Aces)
  7. "The Man the Whole World Feared" (Americommandos)
  8. "The Traitor"
  9. "The Game for Life" (Congo Bill)
  10. "Private Pete"
  11. "Silly Willy"
  12. "The Case of the Phoney Funny Man" (Zatara)

Superman: As Lois and Clark are finishing up an assignment in Washington, they visit the Washington Monument, but a storm gathers and huge hailstones threaten to destroy the monument. After nearly being hit, Lois faints and Clark changes to Superman to save the monument. Later, Superman rushes to Mount Rushmore to prevent a mysterious green ray from destroying the monument there.

After they return to Metropolis, Lois and Clark are sent to investigate the Gateson Employment Agency, where large numbers of job applicants have disappeared over the past few years. Using his telescopic vision, Clark sees that the Apex State Building in a far-off city is vibrating and threatens to collapse. Making an excuse to Lois, he rushes off to the building to discover that a giant tuning fork on top of the building is setting up sympathetic vibrations that will destroy the building. After dealing with that, Superman has to save the Statue of Liberty from being destroyed by a giant wave.

Meanwhile, Lois is caught snooping in the employment agency and tied to a rocket which shoots towards Africa. As Superman chases after her, he is distracted by a rain of bombs threatening to destroy the pyramids.

Upon arriving in Africa, Lois encounters the dwarf evil genius Emil Loring, who has enslaved a local African tribe and used labour sent in by the employment agency to build the world's largest tower. He plans to destroy all other monuments so his building will always be the largest. When Superman shows up to save Lois, Loring unleashes lightning on Superman. Although he is able to withstand the lightning, it awakens a volcano which destroys Loring's tower and buries him.


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