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This issue has an interesting enough concept (Supergirl's birthday) and an interesting enough villain (the Parasite) but just never manages to go anywhere with it.  The first third of the issue deals with Superman at his work just dealing with office politics which to starts sort of stunts the issue's momentum.  The action follows Parasite as he disables a karate expert who wants to fight him on the street (this part was both far fetched and poorly implemented.)  Eventually the two meet each other and Superman tries the same tactic on Parasite twice before being trapped in a S.T.A.R. Labs container.  His escape is one of the cheesiest I have seen or heard of, but then at least he manages to stop the Parasite with some ingenuity, as opposed to brute force.  He is reunited with Supergirl at the end, but this is only a lead-in to her own series.  Overall the issue was just average.  It had the pieces for something better but did not reach it.  


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