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“THE EMPEROR OF AMERICA.” The President of the United States is brought to his knees by the Emperor, who uses a non-resistance ray to take over America without firing a shot! His ray, however, will now have to withstand the might of Superman!

Superman: Inspired by the depths of World War 2 (the story was published after the USA had been involved in the war for a few months) this is a tale of an alternative future. Walking through Metropolis one day, Clark notices that everyone has become complacent and unwilling to resist anything that happens to them.

The scene shifts to Washington, DC where a gang wearing strange metal helmets simply walks into the White House and orders the President to surrender power to the gang's leader, who calls himself the Emperor of America. The President complies without a struggle, and the Emperor assumes control of the country.

Meanwhile, Clark and Lois are on a plane to Washington to cover the story when the plane runs into bad weather. Clark escapes from the plane and performs several super-feats to save the plane from crashing into the mountains. Upon arrival in Washington, Clark and Lois go to the White House to request an interview with the Emperor, but he refuses. Lois is willing to just give up and leave, but Clark, unaffected by whatever is causing the complacency in everyone else, phones in a story to the Daily Planet in which he labels the Emperor as a tyrant. The Emperor has Clark and Lois arrested for treason, and replaces the supreme court with his own cronies, who convict them and sentence them to death.

As he is being led away, Clark grabs a metal helmet from one of the guards and discovers that it acts as a shield against whatever is causing everyone to obey any order. As Superman, he finds that the Emperor has built a gigantic ray machine which is causing the complacency, and he plans to rob America of its wealth and then destroy the ray machine, escaping to some foreign land. As Superman rushes in to stop him, the Emperor focuses the ray on him to try to control him, but Superman is able to resist the ray's effects and destroy the machine.


  1. The Emperor of America (Superman)
  2. Sky Fighter (Supermen of the U.S. Army)
  3. Sing a Song of Six Guns (Vigilante)
  4. Private Pete
  5. The Battle of a Thousand Years (Three Aces)
  6. The Case of the Stolen Spectacles (Americommandos - Mr. America)
  7. Wolf Hunt
  8. Little Gertie
  9. The One Man Army (Congo Bill)
  10. Private Pete
  11. Laffs
  12. Crime on Ice (Zatara)

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