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    Action Comics # 5

    Grant Morrison on the telling on the re origin. Again I stick to my guns, my opinion for this retelling of Superman history I don’t see the reason why the reboot. Let’s just say this reboot was for sales, basically we remember Marvel rebooting there books at # 1 and we’ve seen sales go up just by the illusion that it’s a first issue. With this retelling the art work is beautiful, Andy Kubert does a classic job on the penciling. I remember his first work I came across after Jim Lee wrapped up on his X-Men Vol.1 series. I can tell Andy Kubert really studied Jim Lee style to a T. All throughout this issue you will be amazed. The origin of how The Kent family came about to baby Clark Kent is just remarkable. You can’t go wrong with this issue. I rate this book a 5.0 rating of 5.0 rating.

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