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  1. Untitled Superman story (Siegal/Nowak/Dobrotka) - Clark and Lois visit the Metropolis Museum of Natural History, where Professor Steffens has shipped a caveman found frozen in an Alaskan glacier. With the help of his colleague Dr. Kemper, he uses electricity to bring the caveman back to life. Although initially he looks hostile, when the caveman sees Lois he becomes calm and happy. However, after Lois and Clark leave the museum, the caveman follows them and has to be returned to the museum. Later, police headquarters receives a call that the caveman has killed Dr. Kemper and has escaped, and is now committing a series of crimes around Metropolis. Lois returns to the museum, where she discovers that Steffens is the real murderer of Kemper, and that he has teamed up with mobster Duke Brady. Together they hatched the plan of dressing one of Brady's thugs up as the caveman so he could commit crimes in the city, while keeping the real caveman locked up in the museum. They plan to kill Lois to keep her quiet, but Superman shows up to save her, only to find that when the caveman saw Lois in danger, he broke out of his cage and killed both Steffens and Brady.
  2. "Galloping Gold!" featuring the Vigilante (Weisinger/Meskin)
  3. Untitled Three Aces story (Fox/Grothkopf)
  4. Untitled Mr. America and Fat Man story (Fitch/Baily)
  5. Untitled Congo Bill story (Ray)
  6. Untitled Zatara story (Fox/Sulman)

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