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“THE SABOTAGE RING.” Superman follows up leads in a case involving the sabotage of the Gargan Factory by plotters bent on causing widespread destruction!

Superman: Clark and Lois are about to tour the Gargan Factory when Clark's X-ray vision spots a bomb hidden under the floor. Slipping away to change to Superman, he returns to remove the bomb. Due to the level of security at the factory, Clark deduces it must have been an inside job, so after seeing which workers were absent that day, he and Sergeant Casey visit each of them.

The guilty party turns out to be worker Steve Grant, but because of his failure to destroy the factory, his boss makes repeated attempts to kill him, with Superman managing to save him every time. Finally, Superman convinces Grant to tell him what he knows, but this amounts only to the fact that some shadowy man is trying to destroy America's defence effort by sabotaging factories.

Superman puts Grant in jail, but he is broken out by members of the gang. Superman trails the gang to save Grant yet again, and discovers that the gang's next target is the Daily Planet. Rushing over to the Planet, Superman saves Lois from being blow up, and discovers that the leader of the gang is Ralph Cowan, a supposedly respectable man who has been hired by a "foreign power".


  1. The Sabotage Ring (Superman)
  2. Tuerto the Bandit (Pep Morgan)
  3. The Albino Priestess (Black Pirate)
  4. Chief Hot Foot
  5. The Cleveland Air Races (Three Aces)
  6. Little Lewie
  7. Laffs
  8. The Gold Bullion Theft (Mr. America)
  9. Quick Thinking
  10. Jungle Drums (Congo Bill)
  11. Facts
  12. Some Fun
  13. The Rival Ranchers (Zatara)


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Story Arcs

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