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My Son... Is He Man Or Beast?

Yes, Superman! You created this grotesque creature... Now, as its guardian, fate decrees you must treat it like your own flesh and blood... but before you accept the eerie challenge, ask yourself one question -- My Son... Is He Man Or Beast?

Duel of Doom!

Kandor... once a giant metropolis on Krypton, Superman's native planet, and now a mini-city coveted by the evil computer, Brainiac! Don't panic! The super-due will save it! But, ironically, deep within the bottled city, their teamwork only inspires a desperate Duel of Doom!

My Son... Is He Man or beast? -- When radio-biologist Jan Nagy dies, he makes Superman the guardian of his son Gregor, but Gregor is violently opposed to this. Some years in the past, when Jan was working on a new element called metamorphon, the atomic furnace in which it was being created threatened to explode, and Superman prevented the disaster by dousing the furnace in Nagy's swimming pool. Gregor was beside the pool at the time and although Superman wrapped him in his cape, the vapours gave Gregor the power to mutate into almost any type of being simply by wishing it. Gregor views this as a curse and blames Superman for his condition. Superman eventually convinces Gregor that his powers can be used for good and agrees to train him. Gregor helps Superman with several missions until one day Superman takes him to his Fortress. While Superman is away on a mission an emergency call comes in from a trapped sub. Gregor discovers he can acquire Superman's powers by wishing for them and goes to aid the sub. However, his transformations are temporary and his powers give out while he deep in the ocean. Superman shows up in time to bring him to the surface but his injuries are too great and he dies.

Duel of Doom! -- two Kandorian scientists, Arvor and Yllura, compete in the Annual Super-Scholarship Trophy presented by Superman and Supergirl. Yllura's specialty is archaeology, and her mission takes her into some unexplored caves where she encounters some hideous statues from a lost civilization. The statues appear to come to life and threaten her. Meanwhile, Arvor, whose specialty is electronics, is testing out his infra-scope, which allows him to see with his mind rather than his eyes. While using his anti-grav belt to fly over a lake, the belt malfunctions and he plunges into the water. He discovers an underwater chamber which leads into the cave system where Yllura is trapped. Together they find a way out of the caves and back to safety.



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An Untold Tale of Kandor 0

One of the most interesting parts of the Superman mythos is Kandor. Living inside a bottle poses some unusual challenges, and stories set in the Bottle City usually don't involve crime-fighting and superheroics; like the story Duel of Doom, which isn't really as sinister as it sounds - it's more about two young lovers, both interested in science, who compete for a scholarship presented annually by Superman and Supergirl. It's a bit of a throwback to 50s sci-fi comics like E.C.'s Weird Science....

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