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“THE REFORMATION OF NANCY THORGENSON.” A millionaire agrees to pay $100,000 to charity if Superman helps to straighten out his wayward daughter, who spends money as if it were water at various gambling establishments. Even with all his mighty powers, Superman will have his work cut out for him!

Superman: An ad placed in Metropolis papers asking for Superman's help leads him to billionaire Morgan Thorgenson. Thorgenson's daughter Nancy is misbehaving, and Thorgenson wants Superman to reform her. Superman agrees provided Thorgenson donates $100,000 to charity.

His first encounter with Nancy is at a crooked casino, where Nancy is losing heavily due to a rigged roulette table. Superman gets the casino to make good all Nancy's losses or face violence, but afterwards the casino sends a car to intercept Nancy and get back the money. Although Superman deals with the thugs, Nancy is unappreciative and refuses to cooperate. However, Superman takes her home, where he foils an attempt by a playboy to elope with her, and then rejects her advances when she attemps to seduce him to win him over.

At this point, a rather bizarre twist in the plot has a dam burst, and Thorgenson's mansion is swept away in the flood. Superman saves the mansion and flies off to help other victims. After he returns from diverting the flood, he finds that Nancy has worked tirelessly helping flood victims and now vows to devote her life to helping the needy.


  1. The Reformation of Nancy Thorgenson (Superman)
  2. The Summer Job (Pep Morgan)
  3. The Death of Avila (Black Pirate)
  4. Private Pete
  5. In the Bering Straits (Three Aces)
  6. Middy the Marine
  7. The Purple Gang (Mr. America)
  8. Birds of a Feather
  9. The Adventure of the Prehistoric Valley (Congo Bill)
  10. Preview of Star Spangled Kid
  11. The Duped Daughter (Zatara)


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