Action Comics #387

    Action Comics » Action Comics #387 - "Even A Superman Dies!"/ One Hero Too Many! released by DC Comics on April 1970.

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    "Even A Superman Dies!"

    Using the heat of a rainbow sun, Superman thaws out five frozen astronauts, encountered adrift in space. Trapped in the ice for five millennia, the astronauts are abuzz with questions, but Superman has no interest in providing answers. As he flies away, Superman disables a passing spacecraft, in order to get it to land, and rescue the astronauts. Superman breaks the time barrier, moving ever forward. 100,000 yeas ago, Superman had used a defective Legion time bubble to travel into the future, only to discover that he had aged for every year he had traveled. Unbeknownst to Superman, the Time Trapper sealed off the past to the Man of Steel, forcing Superman to continue to travel ever farther into the future.

    Millions of years in the future, Superman discovers the Earth is a barren, lifeless world, scheduled for destruction by galactic sanitation engineers. Refusing to allow his adopted home to be destroyed, Superman attacks the sanitation machines. At super-human speed, Superman transforms the two robot spacecraft into magnets with positive charges, causing the vehicles to violently repel one another. Superman splits the Earth in two, restores it's atmosphere, transplants alien flora and fauna to the surface, then introduces man to his "New Earth". His greatest accomplishment complete, Superman returns to the cold depths of space.

    Superman is assassinated by an unmanned drone, powered by the concentrated evil of thousands of villains, including his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. Superman is rescued and revived by alien doctors. Superman lures the drone into a comet, which destroys the drone. Trapped in the comet, Superman accelerates ever faster. Superman relives his life. His birth on Krypton, The loss of his parents. His arrival in Smallville. His first day as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Superman returns to the moment he departed in the defective time bubble, having traveled so fast that the future became the past. The bubble has already departed for the future, leaving the Man of Steel with a second chance to live out his life in the 20th Century.

    One Hero Too Many!

    Professor Sayar gifts the Legion Of Super-Heroes with a warp transporter. Wayland Bannan, the head of Earth's Bureau of Revenue and Taxation, demands the Legion Of Super-Heroes pay taxes before accepting the warp transporter. Due to the Legion of Super-Heroes exceeding the limit of active members, by one, for a private club, their tax free status is revoked. Bannan gives the Legion Of Super-Heroes one day to oust one of their members, or else begin paying heir taxes. As the last two members to join, Chemical King and Timber Wolf each volunteer to resign. As does Bouncing Boy, citing the ridiculousness of his powers. As does Duo Damsel, citing the uselessness of her powers. Karate Kid, the leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes, refuses them all.

    Karate Kid has all the members write their names down, and place the names into a bowl. Before a name can be drawn, the names burst into flames, burning with a fire that neither Mon-El, Suergirl, Superboy nor Ultra Boy can put out. Element Lad extinguishes the fire, leaving only one name intact, that of Dream Girl. Having foreseen the rejection of her resignation, however, Dream Girl never put her name into the bowl. Immediately Chemical King, Princess Projectra, and Sun Boy cop to the subterfuge, and volunteer to resign. Brainiac 5 uses the Legion of Super-Heroes' computer to calculate which member has made the least contribution to the team, over the past year. Surprisingly, Brainiac 5 is that member. Brainiac 5 offers to resign, but Supergirl stops him, and resigns herself.

    Brainiac 5 pleads with Supergirl not to go, professing his love for her. The Legion Of Super-Pets interrupts the proceedings. Comet, the Super-Horse, and Streaky, the Super-Cat, feel that they must depart with Supergirl, as they are her pets. If Supergirl resigns from the Legion of Super-Heroes, she'll be breaking up the Legion of Super-Pets. Brainiac 5 attempts a different tactic with the computer, only to reveal Superboy's sabotage. Karate Kid is forced to accept Superboy's resignation, as the Boy of Steel offers no explanation for his actions. Duo Damsel confronts Superboy before he can leave. Superboy admits that Mon-El makes him feel superfluous. With Supergirl also remaining on the team, Superboy no longer feels he's needed. The Legion Of Super-Heroes erect a statue of Superboy, in honor of his membership.


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