Action Comics #37

    Action Comics » Action Comics #37 - Clark Kent, Police Commissioner released by DC Comics on June 1941.

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    “CLARK KENT, POLICE COMMISSIONER!” The criminal element of Metropolis is killing every police commissioner appointed, and Clark sees a connection between the criminal element and certain crooked politicians. But Clark is dumbfounded when it is suggested he take the job to crack down on that criminal element.

    Superman: A crime wave has hit Metropolis, and criminals are either not arrested or else if they are, they get out of jail almost immediately. After public pressure, the mayor fires the police commissioner, but the new commissioner is murdered within hours of his appointment. When the next two commissioners are murdered just as rapidly, the mayor finds it impossible to find anyone to take the job, until he and Lois talk Clark into becoming commissioner.

    In order to make Clark look tough in the job, Lois arranges for ex-con Butch Moran to fake an assault on Clark which Clark will be able to fight off. Things go wrong, however, when Clark is attacked by a real assassin who he thinks is Butch.

    After Clark manages to defeat the would-be killer by surreptitiously using his super powers, he foils a plot to kill the mayor by fire-bombing his office. Later, Clark gets a tip off that a gang plans to rob the jewelry exchange, and as Superman foils the robbery he unmasks the leader of the gang who turns out to be the fired police commissioner, who had been using his position to arrange for criminals to get out of jail.


    1. Clark Kent, Police Commissioner (Superman)
    2. Quiz
    3. The Playboy's Gambling Ring (Pep Morgan)
    4. False Alarms
    5. Oddities
    6. Facts
    7. The Lost City of Atlantis (Three Aces)
    8. True-isms
    9. The Spy B-7 (Mr. America)
    10. In the Nick of Time
    11. The Italian Officer (Congo Bill)
    12. [Untitled]
    13. The Baseball Fixers (Zatara)


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