Action Comics #30

    Action Comics » Action Comics #30 - A Summer Snow released by DC Comics on November 1940.

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    A surprise snowstorm hits Metropolis—in the middle of summer!

    Superman: Metropolis is blanketed by snow in the middle of summer. While Clark is visiting a weatherman to see if he knows what is happening, he hears a message on the radio from a Laura Vogel, asking Superman to meet her so she can explain what's going on. However, while Vogel and a friend are on their way to the meeting, their car gets stuck in the snow, and Vogel's friend tries to get to the meeting place on foot. However, she is attacked by 3 men in Arab dress who release a strange glowing sphere towards her. Just as Superman arrives, he sees the woman vapourized by the sphere.

    Lois had also arrived on the scene and she too is attacked by a glowing sphere. Superman leaps to the rescue, but the Arabs have taken Laura Vogel hostage. Superman whisks Lois away and returns to trail the Arabs and their captive in a car.

    Meanwhile, in the Sahara desert, Laura Vogel's brother Carlton has discovered Ulonda, the Lost City. Just as they are about to enter it, however, they too are attacked by a band of Arabs who release a horde of blazing spheres at them, and they are all vapourized.

    Back in Metropolis, Superman see Vogel being forced aboard a strange sky-vessel. As he tries to save her, he is attacked by a glowing sphere which knocks him unconscious. He is taken captive aboard the skyship where Laura tells him that an evil mastermind named Zolar is behind the bizarre weather and glowing spheres, both of which he has constructed using vast stores of radium.

    During this time, the skyship has taken Superman and Laura to Ulonda and Zolar's headquarters. Superman breaks free and battles Zolar's skyships and glowing spheres, eventually forcing Zolar to surrender.


    1. A Summer Snow
    2. The "Fred Norman" Jinx
    3. Ghosts
    4. The Attack
    5. Elagabalus, Monkeys, Footprint, Toothpicks, Gentleman Jim
    6. The Headhunters and the Incan Treasure
    7. Dr. Mixxo's Protection Racket
    8. Tall Timber
    9. Death on the Set!
    10. Mottled Death.


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