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"Superman, Go Home!" In a startling tale only Grant Morrison could bring you, the people of Metropolis turn on their new champion! But why? Plus, shocking secrets from Krypton revealed!


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Action Comics: The New Good Ole Days 0

What's going on in Action Comics right now is really worth checking out. In a lot of ways, this reboot takes Superman back to his beginnings. Generations have grown up thinking of Clark Kent manifesting his powers in Smallville and being Superboy, or God, even Superbaby. But it wasn't always that way. One of the interesting things that writers of other mediums - and I'm largely thinking of George Lowther who wrote for the Superman radio shows as well as the first Superman novel - did was make Su...

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The Socialist Superman in the World of Greed 0

I love this book. Issue #3 was my favorite yet. Clark’s rivalry with Glen Glenmorgan is at the heart of this series, and you have to understand it to appreciate it. In my opinion, the worst trait humanity carries from generation to generation is greed. It’s at the heart of the greatest injustices on the face of this planet. In the Congo, rebel factions tear each other to pieces over conflict minerals that power our favorite electronics while the people live in extreme fear and poverty. One of th...

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How Do You Rebuild a Legend? 0

The Good: I'm surprised at how well this cover works. Superman backed into a corner, even though he's not in the far corner, he's got the bright colors that subtly highlight him as the focus your eyes are drawn to. Also the little details put in to make this crowd a group of distinct average Americans rather than a formless mass of rioting. This is the general way that multiple artists works! Gene Ha draws the segment of Krypton's final hours, and Rags Morales is the consistent artist for the ma...

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