Action Comics #29

    Action Comics » Action Comics #29 - The Life Insurance Scam released by DC Comics on October 1940.

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    Superman and Lois Lane uncover an insurance scam!

    Superman: Clark goes to pick up Lois for a relaxing afternoon in the park, but Lois insists on going to see a crippled old lady, Mrs Davis, whose sister has recently died. Mrs Davis tells them that she is the beneficiary of a cheap insurance policy she bought from a Mr Fullerton. Mrs Grady, her neighbour, believes that Fullerton is a con artist. While talking to the two old ladies, Lois develops a headache and is about to take some of Mrs Davis's aspirin when Clark detects that it is actually a slow-acting poison.

    When Lois and Clark visit the drugstore where the aspirin was bought, they witness Mrs Grady being hit by a car and killed. Tom Bruce, a thug in the pay of political boss Martin, whips up a mob by telling them that the drugstore owner caused Grady's death. Superman shows up in time to prevent the mob from storming the drugstore, but Martin shows up and tells the police to let Bruce go.

    Lois goes to Fullerton's office but is thrown out by Fullerton. Undeterred, she comes back later and breaks into his private office, but is captured by Bruce and another thug. Superman arrives just in time to save Lois from being murdered by the thugs, but again Martin gets the thugs freed from police custody.

    Lois returns to Fullerton to bluff him into confessing by claiming she has proof of his insurance racket, but Fullerton forces Lois to go with him to Martin's home. There, we discover that Martin was behind the insurance scam, and was killing off the policy-holders to collect their premiums without Fullerton's knowledge. Martin shoots Fullerton to keep him quiet and is about to kill Lois when Superman shows up to save her yet again. This time they collect evidence of Martin's guilt and put an end to the scam.


    1. The Life Insurance Scam
    2. Summer Vacation in Cambodia
    3. The Red Raiders
    4. The Missionary and the Cannibals
    5. The Washington Spy Ring
    6. The Puppet Murder Case
    7. The Crooked Cop
    8. Captain Kidd's Treasure.


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