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Helen of Troy

This is perhaps the strangest of all of the early Legion appearances. In this story Supergirl searches through time and space for a suitable wife for Superman. This has perhaps more of the most annoying plot developments of the period than any else. For instance, Supergirl simply states that she and Superman have already learned all ancient languages. There is also an aside where Superman explains that he would want to marry someone like Supergirl, only that it isn't possible because they are cousins. Eventually Superman does find his perfect counterpart, but she lives on an opposite world and she can't bear to see Superman give up his life for her. The entire story seemed to be non-sequitur (unicorns in ancient Greece?) and should maybe be avoided.

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    Supergirl watches an old movie where the leading man loses out on a happy life by waiting too long to propose marriage. Determined to save Superman from the same fate she tries to fix him up with various women like Helen of Troy and Saturn Woman. Beyond the obvious silliness, she ends up fighting a minotaur and a unicorn(!?!) in ancient Troy, spouts one liners like Robin in the 60s Batman titles, and generally seems to make herself a pest wherever she goes.  Add to that a generally lax bit of ed...

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