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  1. Cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.
  2. "Perry White's Manhunt For Superman!" written by Robert Bernstein, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein.
  3. "Chief Hot Foot" gag strip by Henry Boltinoff.
  4. "Little Pete" gag strip by Henry Boltinoff.
  5. "Supergirl's Greatest Challenge!" written by Jerry Siegel, penciled and inked by Jim Mooney.

Superman - Perry White's Manhunt For Superman!

What is this? Superman, famed battler against crime and injustice, aiding America's worst criminals to escape from prison? No, reader! Your eyes do not deceive you! The Man of Steel is devoting all his amazing powers to help ganglang outwit the law! And that's not all! Superman becomes so enmeshed in crime that one of his best fiends, Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, is compelled to lead a posse to capture the Man of Steel! Take it from us reader, you will gasp at the startling out-come of this super showdown between good and evil in... Perry White's Manhunt For Superman!

Supergirl - Supergirl's Greatest Challenge!

Though she's as super-powerful as Superman, Supergirl is, after all, a mere girl... who finds herself suddenly up against a massive peril greater than even the Man of Steel has ever tackled! Can she defeat an immaterial, living, diabolical force-being she can't even touch? See what happens when the world's mightiest girl tackles... Supergirl's Greatest Challenge!

Main Feature: Superman must overcome the effects of Red Kryptonite which is giving him nightmares and stop Rava and the Superman Revenge Squad.

Co-Feature: Supergirl is summoned to the future to help the Legion save Earth from the Positive Man. She meets Whizzy, Streaky's telepathic ancestor, who helps her after she is trapped in the Phantom Zone by shape-shifting aliens, that have taken the places of the original Legion.


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This is another early appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes, and unlike other appearances, this one follows more along the lines of a traditional comic story. It is within that framework though, that the story fails so miserably. There are so many conveniences in terms of plot here that there is little of value left to the story. The headlining villain is quickly dispatched, leaving behind a different group of villains, and this even contains what must be the easiest escape from the Phant...

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