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    Witness the origin and first appearance of Supergirl in "The Supergirl from Krypton!" Kara Zor-El, Superman's long-lost cousin, arrives on Earth and adopts a secret identity to aid Superman in the ongoing fight for truth and justice!

    1. Cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye.

    2. "The Menace of Metallo!" written by Robert Bernstein, penciled and inked by Al Plastino.

    3. "Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!" written by Robert Bernstein, penciled and inked by Howard Sherman.

    4. "The Supergirl From Krypton!" written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by Al Plastino.

    Superman - The Menace of Metallo!

    Through the years you have seen Superman locked in titanic battles with the most bizarre villains in history! But now he meets his newest foe... the most incredible and dangerous of them all... The Menace of Metallo! Reprinted in Superman Annual #2, Superman #217, Showcase Presents: Superman #1 & Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives #2.

    Congorilla - Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!

    Usually, the only "war" a gorilla fights is the war of survival against hostile hunters! Never does he take the side of a man, his chief enemy! But just as Congorilla is no ordinary gorilla, the wars he wages are no ordinary wars! Take the amazing man-ape's fantastic struggle one time against a small army of desperate men who have decreed that... Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!

    Supergirl - The Supergirl From Krypton!

    As we all know, Superman arrived on Earth in a space rocket long ago, when he was Superbaby! The Man of Steel has always thought he was the sole survivor of the tragic catastrophe that destroyed his home world, Krypton! But fate has many strange twists! And the happiest even in Superman's lonely life occurs one day, which will astound and delight all fans of Superman too! For this is not an ordinary tale of Superman, but the launching of a new member of our "super family!" So, without further ado, we take pride in introducing... The Supergirl From Krypton! Reprinted in Superman Annual #1, Action Comics #334, Secret Origins #2, DC Special Series #19, Supergirl Archives #1, Superman in the Fifties & Showcase Presents: Superman #1.

    All stories reprinted in: DC Silver Age Classics: Action Comics #252 & Millennium Edition: Action Comics 252.

    The first appearance of Supergirl!

    "The Supergirl from Krypton" - Superman witnesses a rocket crash and is amazed to find a girl with a costume like his own emerge, unscathed. She seems to have all the same powers he does too. How can this be?

    Also notable as the first appearance of Metallo.


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    Soon there wil be Super-everything! 0

    Sorry to those who are Supergirl fans, but this is one of the weakest origin stories ever. Created at a time when D.C. was adding the adjective "Super" to everything (ala "Bat" in the Batman titles). The adjective appears in nearly every panel until it becomes like the word 'Smurf' in that god-awful cartoon. In this story alone we have: "super-costume", "superhearing", "superbaby", "super-powers", "super-shock", "super-space telescope", "indestructible super-cloth", "super-boy", "super-st...

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