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    1. Cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye.
    2. "The Super-Duel in Space" written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by Al Plastino.
    3. "The Traffic Cop of 2058, A.D." written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by Jim Mooney.
    4. "Safari from Space!" written by Jack Miller, penciled and inked by Howard Sherman.

    Superman - The Super-Duel in Space

    When a super-villain from outer space menaces the Earth with his amazing scientific powers, Earth's mighty champion, Superman, speeds to give battle. But this time the Man of Steel encounters fantastic super-powers even greater than his own! And a breathless world waits in suspense to learn what will be the outcome when the Man of Steel and Alien of Steel begin... The Super-Duel in Space.

    Reprinted in

    Superman Annual #2,

    Superman #217,

    Superman in the Fifties,

    Superman: Bottle City of Kandor,

    Tommy Tomorrow - The Traffic Cop of 2058, A.D.

    Chasing down space speed demons doing 90 miles a second!..

    Giving tickets to traffic violators on the way to Mars!...

    Such are the duties of a space trooper in the future year of 2058! Any resemblance to a policeman of 1958 is purely impossible, when Tommy Tomorrow becomes... The Traffic Cop of 2058, A.D.

    Congo Bill - Safari From Space!

    To Congo Bill, the jungle was an open book! He and young Janu had met and defeated every savage beast and lurking peril known to the tropics! But when alien invaders from another world made the jungle their base for the conquest of Earth, Congo Bill faced a new kind of menace possessed of incredible powers! And he and Janu found themselves trapped as unwilling guides on a fantastic... Safari From Space!

    The Super-Duel in Space! - Superman encounters a foe he cannot physically harm - how will he ever save the earth from Braniac?

    Clark and Lois board the 'Columbus' the first manned rocket ship to outer space. Once in space they encounter the flying saucer belonging to a highly advanced alien being named Brainiac. Clark jettisons himself from the ship and changes into Superman. Unfortunately he can neither board Braniac's impenetrable ship, nor harm Braniac himself when he emerges. He has to sit by and watch helplessly as Braniac shrinks and bottles some of Earth's greatest cities.


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    Finally a Worthy Opponent for Superman 0

    Although many of the annoying writing problems of the 50s Superman stories plague this issue as well (the incredible coincidences, the use of "super" as an adjective for everything, etc.) "The Super Duel in Space" is notable for both the introduction of Brainiac to the series, as well as the first appearance of the Bottle City of Kandor.  Prior to this Superman had very few worthy opponents (Ultra-Humanite and Luthor being standouts), more often than not Superman was up against on...

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