Action Comics #164

    Action Comics » Action Comics #164 - Superman's Hall of Trophies! released by DC Comics on January 1952.

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    1. Superman's Hall of Trophies: (Superman) After being saved by Superman upon his return from Africa a famous adventurer makes proving Clark Kent is Superman his next adventure.
    2. The Ape Man of Borneo: (Congo Bill) Bill investigates a man who disappeared and finds him living among the apes like Tarzan, having lost all memory of being human.
    3. Jerry the Jitterbug: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    4. The Interplanetary Pet Show: (Tommy Tomorrow)
    5. Why TreasuresAre Hard To Eat: (text story)
    6. The Vigilante vs. the Prairie Troubadour: (Vilgilante)
    7. Shorty: (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
    8. Share with Others: (public service message from Superboy)

    "In this issue... learn the secret of ... "Superman's Hall of Trophies!"

    Man: And now I will reveal Superman's greatest trophy!

    Superman (thought): Great Scott! That trophy will prove that I'm Clark Kent!

    "Thrills of the 21st century with Tommy Tomorrow"


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