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  1. The Bride of Superman (Superman) superman welcomes a woman from overseas who he claims to be his fiance but it turns out she is a scientist who was brought to America to do top-secret atomic research and Superman is pretending to be in love with her so he can guard her.
  2. Nervous Norman (gag strip by Phil Berube)
  3. The Treasure in the Atom (Tommy Tomorrow)
  4. The Perfect Specimen (Congo Bill)
  5. Yankee Doodle Doughboy (facts by Rudy Palais) A backer who was barred from fighting in the revolution because he was considered essential gets himself put into the Hessian camp so he can talk them into deserting and becoming farmers in Pennsylvania.
  6. Shorty (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)
  7. The Days of '49 (Vigilante)
  8. Superman's Code for Buddies (public service message)

"It's the Mystery of Metropolis! Can You Guess Who Is to be The Bride of Superman?"


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