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So this issue was......random 1

Here is my video review for Action Comics issue 14. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Rushed Nexus 0

Oh geez, this cover is absolutely nuts and I love it. The solicit (correctly) says this issue takes place on Mars, so why is he in a blue sky with angels flying at him? Superman almost knows how crazy this is, and looks back at us like 'Seriously.... what the hell?' But the design is well laid out so it looks great.But this is the most flawed issue of Morrison's run, and I think it's because he's pretty clearly rushing things. #12 ended with his landlady distorting reality, and since then we had...

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Morrison's Worst Issue So Far 0

This issue felt quite rushed and unnecessary at the same time. You see, it was rushed, due to the fact that Superman deals with everything too quickly. After getting shocked (10 gigawatts, in fact), you'd expect Superman to pass out for a while, but he wakes up instantly. It would be nicer to see the scientists trying to repel the "multitude" for a while, before Clark woke up and fought them. And it felt unnecessary, due to the fact that the Multitude was revealed to be merely Vyndktvx's hand. T...

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