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    1. The Wizard of Winter (Superman)
    2. Take 'Em Alive (Congo Bill)
    3. Shorty
    4. Copy-Cat, Copy-Cat (Zatara)
    5. Daffy & Doodle
    6. The Lucky Type (text story by Ben Carroll)
    7. The Jealous Swain (Hayfoot Henry)
    8. The Boy Who Wasn't Big Enough (Vigilante)
    9. Kayo Rembrandt

    "A 52 page magazine"

    Cover: Even Superman as the man of snow can take down the bad guy, another snowman.

    Scam artist Wolfingham is at it again. He acquires some land in the arctic which is warmed by a volcanic spring, and sells an interest in the land to property developer Jack Muldoon. Muldoon has a reputation for creating beautiful parks and houses out of wasteland, so the prospect of a tropical paradise in the arctic is too much for him to resist.

    Some months later, Clark is covering a new arctic flight route devised by a commercial airline. On his way home, the passengers of the aircraft spot a figure struggling through the icy wastes on the ground. Pretending to fall out of the plane, Clark drops to the ground as Superman to rescue the man, only to discover that it is Muldoon. His plans to develop the arctic wasteland have foundered because of faulty equipment.

    When Superman hears his story and discovers that Wolfingham is responsible for selling Muldoon the land, he promises to create the tropical paradise on which Muldoon has his heart set. He carries an island from the tropics to the arctic and builds the resort around it so that Muldoon can see his dream come true.

    When Wolfingham reads the story in the Planet, he devises a new scam in which he sells arctic property to residents of Metropolis, even though the tropical paradise is only temporary. However, Superman shapes the valley and installs dozens of mirrors to focus the sun's rays for warmth so that, in the arctic summer at least, the tropical paradise will remain.

    Finally Superman manages to reclaim Wolfingham's scammed money through a legal technicality.



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