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  1. The Man Who Robbed the Mint (Superman) -- 2. Elevator to Excitement (Zatara) -- 3. Witty Willy -- 4. The Elephant's Graveyard (Congo Bill) -- 5. The Theft of a Very Loud Noise (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. Popp Gunn Rides Again (Vigilante).

Cover: Superman watches as giant gold coins with arms and legs and Superman's portrait close in on the Prankster. It seems the Man of Steel is also the Man of Gold! 

Superman: The Prankster is back and has invented a gas which makes the ink on paper money become invisible. As reports of blank money come in from all over the country, the nation faces an economic crisis. When Superman visits the U.S. Mint, he can find nothing wrong with their production system, so he tells them to replace all the paper currency with gold coins. However, there isn't enough gold in reserve to make the coins, and the mint couldn't produce them fast enough. So Superman builds a giant refinery and mines gold from meteors outside Earth's atmosphere, managing to produce millions of coins in a matter of hours. However, the problem of the disappearing ink hasn't been solved yet.
After most of Prankster's blank money has been replaced with gold, Prankster puts into effect the second part of his plan. He gets the nation's main crime lords to "invest" millions in his scheme, which is to buy all the blank money for 1 cent per bill, claiming that he can restore the invisible ink and make the money worth its original value again. Publicly, he claims he is merely buying up the blank money since he suspects it will become valuable as collector's items.
When Superman sees Prankster buying up the money, he investigates and discovers the Prankster's plan. So he visits the Mint again and makes up a special die for some new money. Once printed, the money fades as all the others have done, so Superman sells millions of these new bills to Prankster.
When Prankster has accumulated as much blank money as he wants, he saturates the bills with the gas that is supposed to restore the ink and, sure enough, the images reappear. However, the images on the bills are those made up by Superman, and show the Prankster in various humiliating poses. Prankster is now hounded by the mob for wasting millions of their money, and begs Superman to put him back in jail where he will be safe.

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