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The First Hero

It's a brand new day for superheroes as Superman is shown as a green hero in Metropolis and being new really gives his current uniform a strong effect. Seriously, do you expect everyone to be expert sewers and make costumes? No, so a T-shirt, some jeans, and boots are completely plausible at this point in Superman's life. And I believe his costume from the Pre-52 was made by his mom, and she and Pa Kent are dead as it has been revealed in spoilers released over the summer. 

With things like that happening in his life of course Superman is going to seem more Kal-El than Clark. And that one guy who was punched through a wall looks like he's in a coma rather than dead. With Superman being more alien at this point it makes sense he would try to force people into confessions similar to Batman. It's also good to see he's still developing his powers - giving us a taste of Smallville- as he runs and leaps rather than fly.

But even though he is darker for now Superman shows us his compassionate side when they start to attack him when there are innocent civilians nearby. I loved how they all came to defend him because they knew he was the good guy for saving them all at his own expense. 

Meanwhile we have Lex Luthor and General Sam Lane - two of Superman's biggest enemies/haters - as they try to capture the Man of Steel. Lex - as usual - sees the fear in which Superman can cause seeing how powerful he is and because he's an alien. General Sam Lane is against Superman and is determined to capture him but still holds a soft spot for his daughter Lois, who was put into trouble because of Lex later on.

When Superman learns that Lois and Jimmy are on a train which shouldn't be running he immediately runs  the rescue to stop a bullet train going 200 miles an hour. One thing I definetly love is that we saw that Superman can be hurt physically without any kryptonite. Over the years it's been mainly that and magic if you wanted to hurt him but now he seems more vulnerable which can put him into more dangerous situations, increasing the suspense. I enjoy Lex's logic is that if a man is bullet proof, get a bigger bullet (train).

This issue lives up to it's name because their is plenty of action as Superman runs from the cops and saves the lives of many. This is the start of a whole new chapter for the world as superheroes go public and I look forward yo reading more of that. I give this issue 5/5 and hope the rest are just as good. 
Mystery Woman Hunt 
On page 26 panel 3 (bottom panel).

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