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    Action Comics » Action Comics #1 - Superman, Champion of the Oppressed... released by DC Comics on June 1938.

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    This comic has many features. Most notably among these is the first appearance of Superman. This was the comic that changed the direction of comic books as we know it. It introduced a costumed Super-Hero.

    Fun fact: The highest graded copy of Action Comics #1 was sold at an auction, for a record 2.16 million dollars. in the year 2011.

    Here are the features for this issue.

    1. Superman - First a one page origin of Superman. Although Krypton isn't mentioned by name, Superman's place of origin is given as a 'distant planet' destroyed by old age, from which a scientist sent his infant son to Earth in a space-ship. There is no mention of Jonathan or Martha Kent, and rather than being adopted by the Kents, the motorist who discovered his space-ship merely turned Clark over to an orphanage. Superman's powers were originally quite limited compared to those in the Golden Age books. He couldn't fly (although he could "leap tall buildings at a single bound"), and was invulnerable only to anything "less than a bursting shell". His powers increased gradually (and without explanation) in succeeding issues of Action Comics. A more complete description of his origin, including mention of Krypton and the Kents, is given in the first issue of Superman in June, 1939. In this issue Superman saves a woman who is going to be executed by finding the real killer. He stops a man who was whipping his wife with a belt and he confronts a lobbyist who is trying to get the United States involved in World War II.
    2. Chuck Dawson - Chuck Dawson goes back to the ranch that is rightfully his but was stolen by ranchers who killed his father when he was young. He runs into a slanted sheriff and John Burwell the owner of the 4-G Ranch. Burwell sends his men to kill Chuck and Chuck ends up in jail as a result. Chuck makes his escape but the story ends on a cliff hanger for next issue.
    3. Zatara - Zatara and Tong take on Tigress and her gang who are robbing valuables from trains. Zatara and Tong manage to stop and round up the gang with the help of the State Police. Tigress however gets away to torment Zatara another day.
    4. South Sea Strategy - In a two page short story Bret Cole and his first mate Cottonball help Samuel Newton out of the water and discover that a native uprising on the island they are near has resulted in the kidnapping of Samuel's daughter Merna. This story is continued in the next issue.
    5. Sticky Mitt Stimson - This is a four page comic strip style story about Stimson who steals, or attempts to steal, an apple and is chased by police for the next four pages as he tries all kinds of ways to fool them.
    6. The Adventures of Marco Polo - Marco Polo's men are worried for their lives but Marco helps them ambush their would-be assailants.
    7. Pep Morgan - Is the Light Heavyweight Champion. With everyone trying to be the new champion, Pep faces a few cheaters who will stop at nothing to bring him down.
    8. Scoop Scanlon - Scoop stops an international jewel thief with the help of his partner Rusty James.
    9. Tex Thompson - Tex Thompson solves a murder in England with the help of two kids Robert and Betty.
    10. Stardust - A one page feature about different actors
    11. Odds 'N' Ends - A one page feature about professional athletes.


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    A Superman than Doesn't Give a Crap 0

    Action Comics #1. The comic book that started it all. That started to move the comic book world from recycled comic strips and new comic strips to a world of superheroes. It is the first appearance of Superman, Lois Lane, and quite possibly Perry White. Superman and Lois Lane though especially. This book is the start of a brand new DC Universe in a way and signaled the beginning of Golden Age of Comics. So how did this book go? Great!Seeing that I am reading this through The Superman Chronicles...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Action Comics #1 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic  Up in the Sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the biggest waste of money in history! Okay now I know this issue is one of the most well known books in the history of comics but at the same time it's a colossal waste of money to anyone who buys it if you own it already through family heir loom props to you your rich. Sure Action Comics #1 will grow in value as time goes on but as far story telling for this classic goes it's rather mediocre. Hell it starts off in t...

    5 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Lets start at the begining 0

    Fist meeting ever Let us face facts.  Just about every single one of us read comics because of this issue.  Superman started it all.  He may not have been the first or perhaps even the best.  What cannot be argued is the impact this book had on the comic world.  This issue however is not a Superman book alone.  I have read three reviews on this book and all three only mention the Superman story.  The thing is that Superman my be on the cover but there are eleven features in this book.  Superman ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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