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    Former king of Spartak, Acroyear fights as a Micronaut against Baron Karza, the tyrant of Microverse, with super-strength and the unique abilities of his race of super warriors.

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    Powers & Abilities

    Acroyear wields a powerful sword that can cast energy blasts. He is extremely durable, and has great physical might. His armor also helps him in battle, boosting his already prodigious strength, and he is adept in multiple forms of other weaponry and unarmed combat.


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    Acroyear is based off the Mego Micronauts toy Acroyear (1976) who is in turn a reconfigured version of the original Microman Acroyear II (1975). The comics character was created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden, and appeared first in Marvel's Micronauts #1. Rather than follow the story of the original toy line wherein Acroyear is classically the enemy of the Micronauts, Marvel's version of Acroyear is an ally and a trusted member of the Micronauts team. Mantlo and Golden gave the character a rich background, and delved deeply into his personal story, creating a solid homeworld and a rich history for him.


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