Character » Acidia appears in 2 issues.

    A member of the Clock King's Clockwatchers. She has the ability to change her body into acid as well as throw balls of acid at her foes.

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    Acidia was one of the members of the Clock King's Clockwatchers. She was seen attacking the Teen Titans, who were at a public apperance. Before she entered the building with her team she took off her clothes and began attacking everybody in sight. The Titan Fringe was going to hit her, but she just turned into a wave of acid. She was going for her target when Firehawk arrived and stopped her. She was then seen with the rest of the Clockwatchers being taken into custody in a box since she was formless.


    Acidia has the ability to throw balls of acid at her foes or turn into a living wave of acid.


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