Acid Angel

    Character » Acid Angel appears in 13 issues.

    A slasher who exudes acid when sexually aroused.

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    Angela Cicero worked as a Real Estate Agent and had a very active social life. Angela was a party girl who attended a new nightclub every night of the week and hooked up with a new man every night as well. Angela had a close friend named Michelle who was married. Angela and Michelle's husband began an affair. However Michelle found out and slit her wrists in the bath, killing herself. Michelle's husband was so angry at her and himself that he replaced Angela's insulin with hydrochloric acid. This killed Angela. However that didn't stop her from continuing her party lifestyle and she rose from the grave as a Slasher. Angela used her powers to punish men, luring them home and killing them, as the Acid Angel.

    Cassie and Vlad paid a man to play bait for Angela. Cassie and Vlad stopped her before she could get him into a bath of acid. However their bait turned out to be working for Cuetotech, a company that makes cosmetics. The company was capturing Slashers and using them to try and create an anti-aging formula. Cassie and Vlad were offered a a job capturing Slashers, but that all ended when Ashley Guthrie released Angela and several other Slashers--and the hunt was on for Cassie and Vlad.

    Angela held Emily Christy hostage, but stabbed her anyway. Then, she tried to seduce Vlad, promising him that if he did whatever she wanted she would save Emily because she "usually doesn't kill women". She was killed by X-O.

    Acid Angel is eventually resurrected by the Black Lamp Society as part of Akakios' big move at the Stab outdoor concert. Eventually Angela meets her end (this time) when Cassie and Vlad blow up The Intelligent Design Museum.


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