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    Ace is a member of the Royal Flush Gang, which is group of villains derived on the cards in a royal flush in poker. Amos Fortune became Ace, but later retired. An unknown man became the new Ace.

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    Characteristics (Ace 1)

    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 235 lbs
    • Eyes: Black
    • Hair: Black


    The Original Ace
    The Original Ace

    Amos Fortune was a petty criminal that was obsessed with luck. As an adult he went into pseudo-science of chance believing that people had 'luck glands' that can shape how a person will turn out to become shaping their everyday lives. Using his profound knowledge he would become an enemy of the Justice League. Losing each time in his attempts he would form a group known as the Royal Flush Gang, even though still losing every time still fails to realizes the science of luck.

    Other Media

    Super Friends

    Ace originally appears in the Super Friends animated continuity, specifically in the episode The Wild Cards. Here Ace acted as the founder and leader of the Royal Flush Gang, who battled the Super Friends. The group was eventually defeated with Ace being revealed to be the Joker.

    Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

    In the Justice League cartoons episode (Wild Cards Part One and Two) Ace was born with a psychic power that affected even her parents. She would leave people in a comatose state while they had hallucinations. As a little girl she was taken away to a secret base and trained. She was forced to use her powers in a hope that she could be used as a weapon in case the Justice League ever went rogue. She became depressed and was susceptible to the Joker's manipulation when he broke her out of the installation as a teenager. He used her in a plot to defeat the Justice League and put everyone that was watching television into a hypnotic state as she used her powers live on television. Everything worked until Batman showed up and revealed that she was being manipulated by the Joker and took a halo out of the Joker's jacket. She recognized the halo as the same ones her guards used when they were blocking her powers, realized the Joker kept it to use on her. It was at that moment she stopped sending out her hallucinations and left the station.

    Ace in the Justice League series.
    Ace in the Justice League series.

    Her third appearance in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon happened in the episode 'Epilogue'. She had a new gang and her powers became so strong that she could actually change the properties of the world. She could create whatever she wanted just by thinking about it. After the Justice League defeated her gang, Amanda Waller told the League that Ace was dying very soon and if she dies while her constructs were still around they would cause our world to cease to exist. The only way to stop her was with a device they had to kill her. Batman volunteered to do the job. He of course never intended to use it and Ace knew it. This was how Batman was even allowed to get near her. She told Batman that all she really wanted was to be a kid and that was taken from her. She asked Batman if he would stay with her and Batman agreed. She died in his arms but not before she ended her constructions thus saving the world.

    This caused Amanda Waller to realize that the world needed a Batman and she set out to make one using his DNA to create a serum that she secretly put into a man who would become the father of Terry McGinnis and thus making a second generation Batman.

    Batman Beyond

    Ace is also part of the team in the future continuity of Batman Beyond, portrayed as a super strong and silent robot.

    Justice League: Doom

    Ace is also portrayed in the animated film Justice League Doom, where they rob banks using intangibility technology unknowingly provided by Vandal Savage. The Gang ultimately battles the Justice League in a losing effort, with Ace specifically being defeated and destroyed by Superman.


    Ace appeared in the Arrow TV Series and was played by Kyle Schmid. His civilian identity in the show was Kyle Reston.


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