Ace Spencer

    Character » Ace Spencer appears in 11 issues.

    A character that is a cross-between Pop Stars Michael Jackson and Prince. Ace Spencer is the former leader of a gang called the Reapers.

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    "Ace" Spencer grew up in poverty in the slums of New York City. His mother was forced to be bedridden  when he was teenager, and he raised his brother and sister.  At some point in his life he joined a gang called the "Reapers", and later became their leader. 
    He later gained superpowers though how he gained his powers were not revealed, and quit the gang. He later got a job as a mall security guard. Later he witnessed a gang shooting his brother who joined the Reapers. He was later sought by the NYPD and Spider-Man. Spider-Man confronted Ace and convinced him  of his responsibility to help others, beginning with turning in his brother. 


    Ace has superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. He also possesses a "danger sense" which allows him to anticipate his opponent's moves. Presumably because his danger sense is similar to that of Spidey, Ace's powers shorts out Spider-Man's spider sense.  He is also a skilled street fighter. 
    Character created by Peter David, Mark Beachum and Josef Rubinstein.

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