Ace Harlem

    Character » Ace Harlem appears in 4 issues.

    Detective Lead of all-negro comics.

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    Brief History

    Ace Harlem was police detective from an unnamed large city whom had an incredible sense for honor and justice and had, from a young age on, a profound anger against criminals and crime in general. This got him great respect in the Afro-American community amongst others in his home city.


    Ace Harlem was created in 1937 by Orrin C. Evans and appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier newspaper in at least 30 strips the story in All-Negro one is a reprint of one of these. The comic book company All-Negro Comics, was the first publisher that consisted solely of Afro-American creators and heroes. Ace Harlem was not a superhero, but is one (if not the first) heroic black comic character.

    Unfortunately, only 1 issue of the comic-series was printed, even though issue 1 announced a second issue with another adventure of Ace Harlem.


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