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    Access is a Marvel and DC character that is in charge of preventing the universes from merging into one.

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    A teenager living in New York City, Axel Asher encountered a strange old homeless man in an alley, who revealed what seemed to be a cardboard box but was in fact a portal between universes. The vagrant stated that Axel was next in line to bear the powers and responsibilities of being The Access. This happens because they were originally one universe that split in two when The Brothers first fought; certain fragments of the original universe remained. The box was one of them—The Access was another.

    Story Arc

    During DC vs Marvel, Access used shards of each universe hidden inside Batman and Captain America to separate and restore both universes. Aided by Batman and Captain America who, in many ways, were the Brothers in miniature, Access helped stop the fight between The Brothers, saving the two universes from destruction when the Brothers, looking at the two heroes, realized how foolish their conflict with each other truly was.

    Access helped prevent Dr. Strangefate from re-merging the two universes; in the second, he discovered that the "old bum" was actually his own future self, and that a variant version of himself had joined forces with Darkseid. He also discovered his powers were greater than he believed, and he absorbed his evil self within himself and helped the heroes of both universes defeat Darkseid's scheme.

    Powers and abilities

    Access has the ability to create and use interdimensional gateways between the DC and Marvel universes to teleport himself as well as summon others to him. He can merge two people he touches if one is from each universe, creating an "amalgamation" of the characters. The gateways also permit travel in time when crossing universes. He can feel the presence of anything from one universe which is present in the other.


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