Academy of the New Elite

    Team » Academy of the New Elite appears in 14 issues.

    Group of young ultras educated by the ultraheroine Contrary.

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    Contrary set up a base inside Mount Shasta to train people, who have superhuman abilities. These people were sometimes referred to as Ultras. She called her organization, The Academy of the New Elite. She tried to find and recruit other Ultras to join the Academy.


    The Academy of the New Elite was created by Gerard Jones as part of the Freex series in the Ultraverse line by Malibu Comics. The Academy of the New Elite was introduced in Issue 10 of Freex, and described on the cover of that issue as, "Flygirl! Cayman! Feline! Waver! The coming of a new team of freaks!"

    Team Evolution

    The Academy of the New Elite originally consisted of Cayman, Feline, Flygirl, and Waver. It was led by Contrary.

    Contrary was able to recruit Boom Boy of the Freex to become a member of the Academy, but the rest of the Freex came looking for him. When the Freex showed up at Mount Shasta to search for Boom Boy, Contrary captured them, and she offered them to join the Academy. The Freex were able to escape, but Boom Boy didn't go with them. He wanted to stay in the Academy to learn from Contrary. However, Cayman decided to leave and join the Freex.

    Eventually, Boom Boy would rejoin the Freex, leaving Feline, Flygirl, and Waver as the remaining members of The Academy of the New Elite.

    Major Story Arcs

    Later, Feline and Flygirl were sent by Argus to the Godwheel. In that battle, Flygirl was killed by Lord Pumpkin, an Feline decided to remain there, leaving only Waver as a pupil of Contrary.


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