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    Evil witch and voodoo priestess.

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    Acacia was a voodoo priestess who, together with her lover Doc Carou, was banished out of Caracas for performing voodoo rituals. She and Doc Carou went to the island of Santalista.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sinbad Crossover

    (see Sinbad Crossover)

    Doc Carou gave two rivaling pirate groups, one led by Sinbad and the other by Jake Crane, the much rewarding task to retrieve the blood of a cyclops. When Sinbad won the race to Santalista with the blood, his crew was poisoned. Sinbad then killed Doc Carou, which earned him Acacia's vengeance. She raised her dead lover and Sinbad's crew from the dead, using them to force Sinbad to help her. She released the dragon Azhi Dahaka from its prison to burn Caracas to the ground. With the help of Baba Yaga and Belinda, Sinbad was able to stop her. She got away, bought a ship, formed a new crew and again vowed to hunt down and kill Sinbad.


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