Character » Abyss appears in 86 issues.

    A member of The Garden and an avatar of creation, Abyss is an enemy of the Avengers. She plans to recreate Earth in a new vision and possesses the power of mind manipulation. She was ordered by Captain Universe to join the Avengers.

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    Abyss, along with her brother, Ex Nihilo, were carried by Aleph for millions of years, until he found a world worthy of evolution, and planted their seeds. She is a member of The Garden and like her fellow avatars of creation, wants to create new worlds by transforming existing ones even at the expense of wiping out millions.

    Captain Universe tells Manifold that the Avengers have to be bigger. This leads to the team recruiting Abyss and her brother Ex Nihilo.


    Abyss was created by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Jerome Opena. Abyss first appeared in Avengers Volume 5 issue 1 (2012).

    Powers and Abilities

    Abyss is a telepath and is powerful enough to manipulate The Hulk. The full extent of her powers are unknown.


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