Character » Abyss appears in 7 issues.

    Abyss is a member of the Oversight Watch. He has the ability of flight and to teleport others into the 'void', a cold, dark place.

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    Once, while battling Legion members Brainiac 5 and Shikari, Abyss managed to teleport Shikari into his void realm. Using her pathfinding powers however, Shikari not only escaped Abyss' void with ease, she pulled him into it as well for a short time, causing him to succumb to the effects of his own powers.

    Powers & Abilities

    Abyss has the power teleport his opponents into a realm of nothingness, simply known as "the void." Once in there, his opponents can succumb to utter and crippling despair from the void's infinite cold, darkness, and solitude. He is also able to fly, most likely derived from technology similar to that of Legion Flight Rings.


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