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    An unusual and mysterious clan that control insects in battle.

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    Origin and Overview.

    The Aburame Clan is a mysterious family that has a horrifying special ability. The whole Aburame clan has the power to talk to and control the insects. You tend to be able to spot an Aburame quite easily as they culturally wear eye cover and black and white clothing.  Whether the eye covering hidea a genetic or ability-related defect of the eye is unknown, as when an Aburame child is born, they are implanted with the young of a special type of insect known as Kikai, or 'destruction bugs'.  These are a special kind of insect that lives in a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, the Aburame clan.  They feed off excess chakra of their hosts, and in return they follow the directions of their host, and are able to both attack and defend them according to their directions.  the Aburame are fiercely protective of their insects, which can strike others oddly.  However they are fiercely loyal to both their friends and their village.

    Their family is known as an honored clan in the village, and their renown hs spread widely, even ninja's in other villages know of them, and both respect and fear their prowess.


    The Aburame clan use insects as tools in battle. They are extremely dangerous to a non-aburame,  as they eat chakra and can even destroy the chakra potential of their targets.  They also seem to be very intelligent for insects, in fact Shino has been shown to talk with his hosted insects, and has used them for spying purposes.  This was shown in the Chuunin exams when Shino used the bugs to read the text of another's exam paper, showing that they can even possess the capacity to read another ninja's text.  He has also shown to use his insects strategically, having them maneuver around opponents.  They seem to be fiercely loyal to the point where they will sacrifice themselves for their host, whom serves as a colony to them like ants.


    • Shino Aburame

    • Aburame Family Members


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