Abslom Daak

    Character » Abslom Daak appears in 60 issues.

    Abslom Daak is an ex-criminal who has since become a Dalek-slayer.

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    Abslom was originally a criminal from Earth in the 26th century and was found guilty of 23 charges of murder, pillaging, piracy and other crimes.

    He was given two choices for his sentence, either death by vaporization or to go to Exile D-K. Exile D-K is actually a one-way transmit that leads to various worlds occupied by the Daleks. There his task would be to kill as many of them as possible before they kill him. Abslom chooses to go to Exile D-K since by his reckoning vaporization doesn't hurt.

    After he gets equipped, he kills the robot sent to escort him to Exile D-K and actually voluntarily jumps into the transmitter himself. He arrives on the planet Mazam, which has been conquered by the Daleks. As soon as he arrives he rescues the ruler of Mazam, Princess Taiyin from the Daleks. As they make their escape, their sky-sled is hit by a blast from a Dalek, but Daak manages to save them using his piloting skills. He then revealed that he had fallen in love with Taiyin as she reminded him of a girl he used to love. Daak and Taiyin make it to the Dalek command-ship and successfully manage to plant explosives and blow it up. As they make their escape in an escape pod their celebration of their victory is cut short when a rogue Dalek exterminates Taiyin. Daak then vows to kill every Dalek in the galaxy.

    Daak later met the Doctor, who is the main character from Doctor Who, and helped him battle the Daleks.


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