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    Abraxas is the embodiment of the multiverse's destruction.

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    Abraxas is the counterpart of Eternity and the embodiment of destruction. He was kept in check by Galactus by devouring planets to keep the energies of holding him intact. Shortly after the events of Galactus: The Devourer, Abraxas was released and immediately sought to destroy not only Earth-616, but all parallel realities as well. Though he was fully capable of collapsing universes by warping the walls of dimensional space, he was in need of the Ultimate Nullifier for it was the only thing that could possibly stop him. However, the only person on Earth who knew its location on Galactus' Worldship was the Human Torch since he was the person who located it within Galactus's ship in Fantastic Four v1 #48. Abraxas killed an alternate reality Galactus, and sent his head to Earth-616 for the Fantastic Four as a sign of warning. Later, an alternate reality Captain Universe showed up to Reed Richards as a request of Eternity to show him what Abraxas was capable of. It is then that we see Abraxas standing over tens of dead Galacti (presumably he had defeated then in combat) and giving Reed Richards a warning that he is coming. So then, the Fantastic Four sought out the Watcher who had forgotten who he was due to Abraxas. Though the context behind this was never shown.

    After Mr. Fantastic gathered heroes to fight the minions of Abraxas on the moon, the Silver Surfer was killed by micro-organisms as he attempted to defend the Watcher from them. It was discovered that he possessed only part of the coordinates to the Ultimate Nullifier, which was split between the minds of three other Human Torches in alternate universes. After finding these alternate Human Torches, and passing on the information to the Human Torch of Earth-616, the Fantastic Four found the Ultimate Nullifier. However they were betrayed by the alternate version of Nova, who worked for Abraxas.

    After Nova gave Abraxas the Ultimate Nullifier, Franklin Richards and Valeria Von Doom found out that Galactus wasn't dead, but inside the heart of Eternity. They restored Galactus but burnt out their powers. Galactus then recalled the Ultimate Nullifier from Abraxas' grasp. Galactus said that the Ultimate Nullifier was actually part of him. Due to interference from Nova, the Ultimate Nullifier fell to Mr. Fantastic, who realized that the only way to destroy Abraxas was to destroy and then recreate reality using the Ultimate Nullifier. After he did; everyone who died, including the Silver Surfer, was brought back to life. Franklin Richards was left without any power, Valeria Von Doom was replaced with a new baby inside the womb of the Invisible Woman, and the Watcher was returned to normal.


    Abraxas is a Marvel comic book character created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Kevin Maguire.

    Abraxas first appeared in Fantastic Four Annual #31 released in 2001.

    Powers and Abilities

    Abraxas had near-limitless cosmic power, enabling him to traverse and manipulate dimensions at will, restructure matter, and manipulate energy on a vast scale.

    Abraxas showing off incredible power
    Abraxas showing off incredible power

    Abraxas has shown incredible power. He has, in the past, defeated many incarnations of Galactus, and has also destroyed planes of reality. He can one shot galaxies and is nearly omnipotent in his vast power.

    Abraxas has vast knowledge as well.


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