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    Abra Kadabra is the self-proclaimed Master of Magic from the 64th Century and an enemy of The Flash.

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    Abra Kadabra was born and raised in the 64th century. He rebelled and was deemed a criminal because he championed individuality in a society where all humans were controlled by a central computer. For his supposed crimes, he was a banished to the 20th century. Using his future technology, which is so advanced as to resemble magic, he became a criminal.


    Abra Kadabra was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Abra Kadabra made his first appearance in The Flash #128.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    In his early appearances, Kadabra's exile to the past was voluntary in nature. A stage magician, he found that there was no desire for his skills in his own time. He travelled back to the 20th century to seek new audiences for his show.

    Modern Age

    In the Modern Age, his current origin, that of the rebel and forcible transportee, was created.

    Major Story Arcs

    Future Tense

    Following a battle with the Flash, Kadabra's technology is damaged and he is thrown out of phase with the rest of the universe, leaving him horribly scarred, intangible, and insane. He is eventually able to drag himself back into the physical world and is returned to the to the 64th century by a government agent from his own time. Hailed as a hero by malcontents and rebels, he is exiled back to the 20th century at the urging of the Flash in order to avoid his death sentence. He becomes obsessed with seeking revenge against Flash for depriving him of his adoring audience.

    Underworld Unleashed

    Abra Kadabra makes a deal with Neron: in exchange for luring several members of his old team, the Rogues, to their deaths, he will be granted real magical powers. Successful in bringing Neron to Earth, Kadabra is inducted into Neron's Inner Council. He and several other members of the council are able rupture the seat of Neron's power, his Soul Jar. He and the others who ruptured the jar are teleported away. He is later returned to Earth following Neron's defeat.

    Dark Flash

    In an effort to destroy the Flash, Kadabra kidnaps Linda Park on their wedding day and erases her from the memory of everyone on Earth. The power of the love between Wally and Linda eventually draws them together on an alternate Earth, where Kadabra battles both Wally and his alternate universe twin, Walter. He appears to kill Wally and Linda. Returned to his own universe, he teams up with Replicant and Professor Zoom to finish the job and destroy Walter. Duped into believing that Walter has also forgotten Linda, thus negating his great triumph, he restores the world's memory of her. He is defeated when he accidentally wipes his own memory of his identity.

    Full Throttle

    Imprisoned in Switzerland, Kadabra is freed and recruited by Inertia. Along with the Rogues, he assists Inertia in a plan to create a device to freeze time. However, given his advanced knowledge of time technology, he is aware that the device is not what Inertia claims. He is present when several other Rogues accidentally kill Bart Allen after the machine steals his speed.

    Salvation Run

    Kadabra, along with several other Rogues, is one of the first villains transported to the planet Salvation. He is able to decipher that there is a Safe Zone on the planet, and joins the team in seeking it. When other villains arrive, he sides with Team Lex. He leaves the planet through Luthor's teleporter.

    Final Crisis

    Unlike the other Rogues, Kadabra gladly joins Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains.

    The Return of Wally West

    Trapped in the identity of washed-up children's magician Mr Hocus Pocus, Kadabra's true personality is accidentally awoken following the return of Wally West. Claiming that he had made West vanish in the first place, he becomes fixated on destroying him again. He kidnaps the members of the Titans, as well as Linda Park, and forces West to run so fast to save them all that he becomes entrapped in the Speed Force. Nearly defeating the Titans, he is surprised by the sudden return of West, who hurls him into the time stream, apparently returning to his home era.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Flashpoint alternate universe, Abra Kadabra is a member of the Secret Seven and a television presenter. He reveals the identities of all the Secret Seven members.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kadabra is a skilled stage magician and illusionist. At one point he was granted actual magic powers, but these appear to have waned.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Kadabra wields a "magic wand," which is a piece of future technology that is so advanced that it resembles magic. He is able to use this technology to virtually any effect.

    Other Media


    Justice League Unlimited

    Abra Kadabra appears in the episode "Flash and Substance" as a patron of the villain bar. Like the other patrons, he flees when Flash, Batman, and Orion arrive. He does not speak in his appearance.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Abra Kadabra appears in the episode "Chill of the Night!" as the opening segment antagonist. He battles Zatanna, and loses. He also appears in the episode "Four Star Spectacular!" battling the Flash. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

    Young Justice

    Abra Kadabra appears alongside Klarion the Witch Boy in the episode "Denial." He attempts to steal the Helmet of Fate but is defeated. In "Terrors," he is imprisoned in Belle Reve. Jeff Bennet reprises his role.

    Video Games

    DC Universe Online

    Abra Kadabra appears alongside other Rogues as part of the Central City Bounties portion of the Lightning Strikes downloadable content. He is voiced by Chris Loveless.


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