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Originally I had given this comic no rating, which I should point out is not the same as zero stars, rather that a comic dealing with such a heavy issue is not really in need of a rating, just because the material speaks for itself, one had an opinion on this issue and that this issue will be judged through that. This educational issue tries to steer clear of the politics behind the issue, and tries to just give an informed look at how abortions work. It is kind of graphic at times. I remember the first time that I looked at this I mentioned that in light of Sandra Fluke that it is always important to highlight the rights of women in terms of their reproductive rights. With the followup controversies around Akin and others I guess the need still exists. As it stands this is an interesting bit of comic history, though one not at all to do with comics, more so in the sense that at one point comics were used in such a way before the internet changed the way we get our information.

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