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    Abonsam is The Trickster, a god so defined by his art that he gave up his own life, simply to perform his final trick.

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    Completing their mission, Abonsam and Bet Jo'gie arrive at The Wolf's location in some sort of rundown shack, with the madman in tow. The two then leave Charlie to Fenris, moving themselves to another room in what's left of the building. Once there, Abonsam takes out a blade and begins slicing open his flesh, doing so in precise lines that form a pattern and allow blood to flow freely upon his face and chest. Arousing the curiosity in Bet, she asks Abonsam about his scars. His answer is quite a defining moment for his character and priorities when he says that he is The Trickster and death shall soon come for him, but he shall mock it by dressing himself in his own blood. Bet replies with a seductive smile and tells him, "Let's fuck."

    Some time later, our minds left to imagine what occurred between Bet and Abonsam, the two are once again side by side with Fenris, circling around Charlie Gilmour who has just received the knowledge and instruction that will insure his ability to perform the task he was chosen for. As Charlie closes his eyes to concentrate on what must be done, the three whisper into his head, giving both incentive and advice, The Trickster's little tidbit being that Charlie must break apart both his mind and soul, casting it away from himself, if he wishes to make the journey.

    As Charlie's begins to strain from the sheer effort of such a magnitude of concentration, The Trickster seems doubtful the plan will work but The Wolf's own optimism seems to ring true when suddenly a force erupts from Charlie's body and the journey has begun. Finally, after losing so much Charlie reaches the World Tree, Abonsam and the others following closely behind him, unharmed for he was their chariot. Yet Charlie becomes frantic, crazed that the ones he had came to save aren't waiting for him but Abonsam cools him down when he reveals that he had stopped both Sarah and Bobby from their deaths and replaced them with clay dolls that believed themselves to be alive.

    He removes a bag with a shoulder-strap from his body and places it on the grass, pulling out both Sarah and Bobby as he tries to keep Charlie calm, assuring him that all he was promised was promised to him truly. Meanwhile, Fenris and Abonsam share a certain moment as The Wolf tells The Trickster that should the three angels that followed them (Lucifer, Michael and Elaine) prove to be a problem, there is always that final trick they agreed upon to which Abonsam solemnly agrees.

    At the roots of Yggdrasil, Charlie Gilmour stands, sword thrust into his only remaining hand, thoughts race through his head as he stares upon the wife and son he thought were dead. Fenris whispers into his ear, to kill them, just as he had nearly done before. The Wolf continues to coax Charlie, ordering him to slaughter his family, being sure to spray their blood upon the roots of the tree so that the end of creation will be assured but The Trickster interrupts Fenris. Abonsam alerts The Wolf to the presence of the angels they had seen earlier, but responds to Abonsam that he could already sense them, their sweat and their blood, for they had lost a lot of blood, the journey had taken its toll on them. Yet still, even if not for the warning, The Wolf does turn from Yggdrasil, heading in the direction of the fallen angels, without looking back he calls Abonsam to come with him, for once, a long time ago, Abonsam had eaten the meats of The Wolf's table, drank his wines -the flesh and blood of Fenris- and Abonsam had done it, all of it, in preparation for this day.

    Not far from the tree Elaine is poised over a heavily injured Lucifer, turning him over onto his back, she begs him to wake up for she is no longer able to see and needs him to tell her what to do or for that matter if they have even arrived at Yggdrasil. Fenris and Abonsam approach, needing no disguises for Elaine could not see them anyway, Abonsam calls out to her, "Your friends are hurt. Can we do aught to help?" Elaine wonders at their identity, as would anyone and asks for their names. Abonsam deceitfully identifies himself and Fenris as pilgrims heading to Yggdrasil who go by the names of Sceorfan and the holy man, Berumir and it is then that Elaine confirms her blindness by telling the two she is unable to see them.

    Abonsam and Fenris come closer until they are looking down on her and Lucifer from where they stand and once again The Trickster speaks, this time describing the appearance of Lucifer, as he is injured, and then telling her that the fountain just ahead has waters with healing properties. Elaine looks towards his voice and asks "Sceorfan" if he could please bring her some of the water for Lucifer could not die. She is insistent that Lucifer must reach the tree and so Abonsam says he'll go fetch it with his hands, even though no fountain exists. As he and Fenris walk a little ways away from her, Elaine begs for him to hurry and Abonsam replies, "Doubt me not." With those words spoken, the mighty Fenris slashes Abonsam's chest, opening several wounds with but a single swipe.

    Elaine again calls out Sceorfan's name, questioning him for the identity of the sound she just heard, the sound of Fenris ripping The Trickster's body open. Abonsam replies, his voice with less power behind it, weakened by the strike, "Nothing. It was -- nothing." Still weak he walks up to Elaine and tells her to cup her hands and receive the water he has. She does so and the blood from his chest pours into them, at first Elaine seems surprised as she notices the water feels warm, like -- but before she can identify the substance she is interrupted by "Sceorfan" who tells her to quickly drip it into into the Morningstar's mouth, lest he die right then and there. She does so without anymore questions, letting the blood fall as Abonsam collapses and lays face down beside her and Fenris simply watches.

    The blood spills onto Lucifer's chin, his throat, his lips, filling his mouth...and then, his eyes snap open, his body jerked to life. Elaine cannot see his face so she simply talks to him calmly telling him that she believes they are near the tree and that they only have to -- but once again she is cut off, but this time not by someone else speaking but by Lucifer's hand wrapping itself around her throat as pupils appear within his eyes and he stares into her face, blood and bruises all over his own. "Morningstar? I am Fenris. I am The Wolf!", are his words and following them is his power-filled rage.

    In the field where Lucifer, Michael and Elaine had arrived Abonsam is draped over Fenris, voice fading as he asks Fenris to speak of the tale of his death, of his final trick but Fenris has no pity, he does not even look upon The Trickster. Rather he just speaks to the dying man, as if asking which trick he means, "What? That you joined the banquet of my enemies, when I parceled myself out like bread? That you took my essence into yourself -- not unknowing, as they did, but willingly. So that your blood, now pregnant with my thoughts, could infect Lord Lucifer?" Smiling the beast walks off, dropping Abonsam and leaving him behind as he finishes his speech, "I'll tell it if I remember it."


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