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    A genetic experiment to cure PMS gone terribly wrong produced the Abominatrix.

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    Florence Sharples was an employee of Keaton's Savings and Loan Company. Jasper Keaton created a division of his company devoted to genetic research. Florence volunteered to take part in an experiment using gamma radiation to control pre-menstrual syndrome. Instead, the Abominatrix was created.


    Abominatrix was created by Steve Gerber, Buzz Dixon and Tom Artis; she first appeared in The Sensational She-Hulk #21, November 1990.

    Major Story Arcs

    Abominatrix was hired by Keaton to kidnap Louise Mason to find the secret location of a nuclear warhead named Rosebud. Keaton wanted Rosebud so he could force Congress to surrender control of the Savings and Loans to him. However, it turned out Mason had no idea where Rosebud was at.

    She-Hulk battled Abominatrix while trying to free Mason. The Phantom Blonde, Mason's daughter, accidentally revealed the bomb's location, in a statue in front of Roseblatt's hotel, the Benchmark. Rosebud had a failsafe detonator attached to Roseblatt's pacemaker. During a shootout Roseblatt died from a heart attack. Luckily She-Hulk managed to beat Abominatrix and hurl the missile into the desert before it exploded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like the Hulk, Abominatrix has superhuman strength and durability.


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