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    Craving for the power of a Hulk, Emil Blonsky purposely had himself infected with triple the amount of gamma that the Hulk originally had. However, it turned him into a monstrous amphibious reptoid as being originally more than twice the strength of the normal calm Hulk, at the cost of never being human again.

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    Emil Blonsky
    Emil Blonsky

    The history of one of Hulk’s greatest enemies, the Abomination, began with the Yugoslavian spy known as Emil Blonsky. A man who fought for his country and their ideals, Emil was a married man who loved and cherished his talented wife with her stage dancing After being given a specific mission to travel to the United States and infiltrate one of their military bases to sabotage all nuclear warheads, missiles, and any other equipment that would give the U.S the upper hand for a possible upcoming war, Emil enjoyed one last supper with his wife Nadia before leaving with the promise of returning to her. After managing to enter the US with a partner known as Bogatin and infiltrate an Air Force Base within New Mexico while taking the disguise of an MP, Blonsky also found himself stumbling onto the same base where Dr Bruce Banner (Hulk) usually conducts his gamma radiation experiments. Even though Blonsky was designated to fulfill his primary mission, this plan changed when the alien entity known as the Stranger made the attempt of using the Hulk as a means to destroy humanity after deeming humanity irresponsible. When Hulk reverted back into Banner, because of how the Stranger had no control over Banner, he attempted to prevent the Stranger’s goal on controlling the Hulk by committing suicide. Banner tried to go about doing this by using a machine that would bombard Banner with enough gamma radiation to where it would kill both him and the Hulk, also unaware that Blonsky was hidden within the room and secretly recording Banner’s actions. But before using the machine, Banner was escorted from the laboratory by security and General Ross, leaving Blonsky alone with the radiation machine. Because of curiosity, Blonsky who was unaware of the machines design and nature, stood in front of the machine before activating it. Being bombarded with great amounts of gamma radiation, Blonsky went through a mutagenetic effect that rapidly transformed him into a massive and hideously looking monster.

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    Blonsky’s transformation found itself driving him into a state of shock and rage that resulted with the Air Force Base being under attack by Blonsky, and which also resulted with Banner being transformed into the Hulk. The two fought, with Blonsky easily defeating the Hulk, beating him within an inch of his life. It was also during this time where Blonsky earned the name Abomination from the horrified Betty Ross, who was also kidnapped by the monster after the battle. After being revived, Hulk reverted back to Banner who instantly designed a machine that would decrease Abomination’s strength, managing to do so, Banner accidentally reverted back into the Hulk again and pursued after Abomination. As both Hulk and Abomination pursued in another brawl, both monsters were unaware that the Stranger was watching. Resulting with the battle ending when the Stranger interrupted the fight and taking Abomination so that he could use him as an agent for his own purposes, thus ending the Abomination's rampage. Even though Bogatin was aware of Emil's transformation, as to what happened to him or where he went after the whole ordeal remains unknown. Emil's wife, Nadia never learned from her husbands transformation and assumed that he died during his mission, leaving Nadia to spend a great portion of her years believing herself to be a widow.


    Abomination was created by Stan Lee and Gil Kane and first appeared in Tales to Astonish issue 90 (1967).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Abomination

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    Forced into being the Stranger’s captive wasn’t something that Abomination wanted to do, which resulted with him desperately trying to find a way to escape the Stranger's planet. The first attempt would come when a coven of witches summoned Abomination to serve them and battle against the Silver Surfer, this didn’t go well with the coven when Abomination denied being anybody’s personal tool and attacked both the witches and the town in a state of rage. But Abomination’s freedom was quickly cut short when he was defeated by Silver Surfer and forced to be sent sent back to the Stranger’s planet. A second attempt would come when encountering Thor, who visited the Strangers planet and encountered a desperate Abomination that also resulted the Stranger’s full attention on Thor and giving Abomination the chance to summon an army of captive aliens so that Abomination would have the chance to escape the Stranger’s planet. But this didn’t go so well when Thor caught onto the events between both himself and the Stranger, and by believing that the Stranger was too powerful to be an enemy of Asgard, this resulted Thor traveling back into time where he first arrived onto the planet and easily defeated Abomination so that he wouldn’t capture the Stranger’s attention.Abomination would finally get his chance to escape the Stranger’s planet when he was rescued by an alien starship known as the Andromeda. The rescue resulted with Abomination joining the ranks of the ship as it's first mate and participated in their goal of hunting down the gigantic alien called Klaatu. However a problem would occur when the ship traveled to Earth to pursue Klaatu, which proved unsuccessful, but managing to capture the Hulk during the process. Despite the Hulk’s interference, the alien ship found the Hulk to be a perfect candidate to help them track down and kill Klaatu. However a problem would occur when Abomination didn’t like having any type of alliance with the Hulk, where the Hulk would be attacked by Abomination despite the ships demands of not wanting any dispute between both monsters. By the time the Andromeda and Klaatu where in dispute that ended with both being destroyed, both Hulk and Abomination fought each other until both monsters fell into Earths orbit and landing separately on Earth.

    A General's Greatest Weapon

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    After Abomination landed back on Earth from his previous battle against Hulk, the landing found Abomination going into a two-year coma. By the time he woke, Abomination was quickly attacked by the army who mistaken Abomination for the Hulk. Captured and imprisoned by General Ross, Abomination would later find himself used as a weapon by General Ross after he realized the wrong monster was captured. wanted. Given a chance of freedom under the deal of killing the Hulk, Abomination agreed to General Ross’s terms, but with the intent of killing the General too for capturing him. The battle between Abomination and the Hulk ended when Abomination mentioned Betty’s marriage to Major Talbot as a way of tormenting the Hulk. The result was that the Hulk knocks the Abomination out so it could not pursue Betty.

    After being defeated by the Hulk, Abomination found himself encountering the Rhino, who was another enemy of the Hulk, as both Abomination and Rhino forged an alliance to strike the Hulkbuster Base as a way to draw out the Hulk as an attempt to gain their revenge. With both villains managing to successfully take over the base, both villains found themselves battling against the Hulk when Banner was being held captive there and secretly disguised as a military personal. Even though both Abomination and Rhino proved to be a formidable match against the Hulk, Abomination managed to get the upper hand over the Hulk when using a powerful laser on the Hulk, which forced the Hulk to flee from the fight. Knowing that the Hulk would eventually return, Abomination decided to take the advantage of blowing up the base before both villains pursued another fight against the Hulk. But both Abomination and Rhino found themselves defeated when accidentally clashing into each other during the fight and which also resulted with Abomination’s plans of blowing the base up being foiled when Jim Wilson who managed to disarm the bomb.

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    After his attack on Hulkbuster Base, Abomination was secretly captured and detained on the base under the supervision of General Ross. It wouldn’t be until after Doctor Samson failed to capture the Hulk where Ross finally decided to make use of the captured Abomination. After Abomination was released from his captivity, Ross informed of an implanted bomb placed inside his head that could only be deactivated if he were to bring in the Hulk. The fact of being somebody’s personal puppet found Abomination changing his methods after a brief battle against the Hulk, even after realizing that there wasn’t a bomb planted inside his head. Managing to convince the Hulk into forming an alliance, both monsters attacked and took over a Florida Space Station, holding the entire station ransom. But Abomination’s alliance found itself backfiring when Hulk realized his flaw of his alliance with Abomination, which resulted with both monsters battling throughout the entire the station. As Abomination tried to flee from the Hulk when trying to hitch onto a scheduled rocket launch, the fight between both monsters found itself being taken into orbit, which resulted with the rocket exploding. With both monsters believed to have died from the explosion, Abomination was still alive but accidentally found himself adrift in space.

    Ravager of Worlds

    It wouldn’t be long before Abomination was found by another alien entity known as the Galaxy Master, who not only recruited Abomination but increased his powers so that he would act as a servant who’s purpose was to enslave planets. Holding a universal reputation as the Ravager of the Worlds, even a few of champions of the Sagittarian race were unable to bring down Abomination. This resulted with the Sagittarians traveling to Earth to recruit the Hulk, the one monster that they believe would stop both Abomination and Galaxy Master. Even though Abomination proved to be greater than the Hulk, he would find himself being outmatched when the Hulk was growing stronger with rage. By the time Hulk was nearly defeating Abomination, Galaxy Master retaken Abominations increased powers as a last attempt to save itself. Abomination found himself adrift in space once again.

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    Managing to return to Earth’s orbit, Abomination was discovered frozen in a block of ice by a space shuttle, who brought the frozen monster under the care of General Ross. It was also during this where Banner’s conscious took over the Hulk’s body and managed to receive a presidential pardon for his recent actions as the Hulk. This didn’t sit well with General Ross who spent years of desperately trying to capture the Hulk, and began to secretly plot the Hulk’s demise with MODOK. Giving MODOK the frozen Abomination, the idea that both MODOK and Ross had for Abomination was that MODOK would use the monster to destroy the Hulk and next use Abomination to destroy MODOK’s current rival, AIM. But a problem would occur when reviving Abomination from suspended animation when discovering that the monster developed an intense fear of the Hulk because of their previous fight. This resulted with MODOK putting Abomination through torture and intense training courses to where he would develop a greater fear for MODOK. Even though Abomination attacked the Hulk, he was badly beaten again and forced to flee from the Hulk. But Abomination didn’t want to return to MODOK empty handed, and decided to kidnap Hulk’s current lover Kate Waynesboro. Bringing Kate to an AIM facilities, who transformed her into a similar version of MODOK. But Abomination’s actions and display of cowardice annoyed MODOK to where he finally deemed the monster useless and disintegrated him with a lethal dose of concentrated gamma radiation.


    Nothing more than mere dust particles, Abomination would return when his remains came into contact with the mind of Tyrannus, also another villain who disintegrated from a previous encounter with the Hulk. Because of his mind powers, Tyrannus managed to reform the Abomination and overtake full control of his body. Yet even being in the body of the monster wasn’t something that Tyrannus desired and went about finding a way in having his mind take over Abomination’s human form, Emil Blonsky. This led Tyrannus into tracking down Bruce Banner and forcing him into separating Blonsky from Abomination, which of course led to a fight between both Hulk and Tyrannus that ended with the Hulk beaten and Betty Ross kidnapped. With Betty’s life at stake if Banner didn’t oblige to the demands of Tyrannus, Banner helped the villain into using a chemical bath to separate Blonsky from the monster. But with the process finding itself interrupted by SHIELD, Tyrannus found his mind stuck in the monsters body while Blonsky was finally free from being the Abomination. This resulted with another battle between Hulk and Tyrannus that ended with Hulk as the victor, and managing to save Betty with the help of Blonsky.

    Tyrannus battling Wonder Man
    Tyrannus battling Wonder Man

    With Blonsky free from the monster, Tyrannus became the new Abomination who set a very short career of running into both Wonder Man and Hawkeye, which both heroes easily defeated the monstrous villain. By the time the deviant high priest known as Ghaur orchestrated an attempt to release the Serpent God, Set, Tyrannus was recruited into joining Ghaur and Llyra. This alliance found Tyrannus being restored to his original body as well with Blonsky being forced back into the monster. But the transfer sent Abomination in a state of shock that resulted with him going on a rampage, also capturing the attention of both Spiderman and She-Hulk. As both heroes fought the near mindless Abomination across Manhattan, the fight ended when She-Hulk caught Abomination on fire, causing him to panic and causing him fall off a bridge and into the water below.

    Abomination's body melting after being doused with toxic waste
    Abomination's body melting after being doused with toxic waste

    After his mind was fully restored, Abomination was hired by an unknown assailant to steal rare radioactive waste from a convey transferring the waste. As Abomination made his attack on the two trucks containing the waste, he noticed Bruce Banner trying to flee from the scene. Easily capturing Banner, Abomination neglected his mission and pursued on fulfilling his original goal on killing the Hulk. But Abomination discovered that Banner was both unable to currently transform into the Hulk and that he was dying from a poison he took before the incident. Desperate for a fight with the Hulk, Abomination took the dying Banner to a Gamma Tester that blasted Banner with Gamma Rays. Banner did successfully change into the Hulk, but Abomination found himself facing a different Hulk that was gray and holding a much more violent personality than the previous Hulk. Even though Abomination proved to be stronger and more powerful than this version of the Hulk, the fight ended with the Hulk dousing Abomination with the same toxic waste he was supposed to steal, resulting with Abomination's entire body melting and giving Abomination an extremely disfigured appearance.

    Guardian of the Sewers

    Because of his recent defeat against the Hulk that resulted with a great portion of his body melted due to the toxic waste that the Hulk threw him into, Abomination’s sanity began to grow more fragile and depressing when he finally saw himself as something that would truly fit the name, Abomination. With nowhere to go and having no desire to pursue any revenge, Abomination hid away deep within the sewers as a way to hide from society and the outside world. But when encountering a continuous group of homeless who resided within the sewers, Abomination was surprised to find that the homeless looked upon the Abomination with no fear, but saw him as a somebody normal. This reaction motivated Abomination to pursue a new meaning for his life as a guardian and protector of the homeless and the disfigured. This new lifestyle also found Abomination becoming more religious where he was convinced that certain events were an act of god.

    Melted Appearance
    Melted Appearance

    But a problem would occur when Abomination discovered that his ex-wife, Nadia, was residing within the same city he was in. It would be a couple years where Abomination stalked Nadia and grew more depressed because of how she reminded him of a once normal life he held with her. But the pain of how he lost his wife because of his transformation into the Abomination only developed Abomination into find the right moment to reach out to Nadia and maybe regain something that he lost. Which of course that moment would finally come when Nadia encountered the Abomination and passed out from being fright. Taking his ex-wife down to the sewers below, Abomination found that the Hulk was pursuing him after noticing Abomination’s kidnapping. Like the previous encounter, Abomination also noticed how Hulk seemed more different because of how Bruce Banner’s mind took over Hulk’s body. Caring less about which Hulk he was fighting, Abomination nearly lost the fight with the Hulk until the Mad Titan Thanos caused the Hulk to shrink. Believing that the Hulk’s mysterious disappearance was an act of god, Abomination took Nadia further into the sewers, also unaware that a shrunken Hulk was following him. When Nadia awoke and found Abomination with his family of homeless civilians sheltering her, Abomination tried to find a way to explain to her that he was her long lost husband. This only resulted with Nadia becoming enraged when she believed that Abomination was trying to drive her mad. Overhearing this, Hulk climbed onto Abominations shoulder and took an advantage of Abominations religious beliefs by telling him that he was god. As Abomination was shocked that he was actually hearing voices from god himself and unaware that it was the Hulk, it didn’t take long for Abomination to fully accept that it was god who speaking to him. Even though Abomination was resistant at first, the Hulk managed to talk the Abomination into accepting that it was better to leave Nadia alone and have her fully accept that her husband was dead. Returning Nadia to her rightful home, Abomination found more of an acceptable peace with his new life and later realizing that it was actually Hulk himself who talked Abomination into releasing Nadia.

    It would be a few years later when Abomination would find himself in another situation with his ex-wife when two men entered the sewers with the intent of recruiting the monster. To his surprise, Abomination recognized one of the men as a former partner known as Bogatin, who was currently running a secret organization called Organizarsiya. Because of Bogatin’s partnership with AIM that consisted of transporting highly radioactive waste and having Namor and the Avengers meddle with their affairs, Bogatin kidnapped Nadia as a way to force Abomination’s participation. It wouldn’t be long until both Organizarsiya and Abomination found themselves fighting against Namor, Stingray, Triton, and Andromeda. Easily defeating both Triton and Andromeda, Abomination was almost defeated by Namor until Organizarsiya was attacked by Andromeda. With most of the crew dying and their ship destroyed, Bogatin managed to escape the scene until he found himself facing Abomination, who killed his former partner before returning to the sewers.

    Free from the society of the outside world and enjoying his life deep within darkness of the sewers in New York City, Abomination became both idolized and defender of an outcasted society of the homeless. But when a Crimelord known as Mister Christopher realized that the homeless and an urban myth of an alligator attack becoming an obstacle for a planned drug operation within the sewers, the Crimelord manipulated New York’s police Commissioner Howard Ferris into driving out the homeless so that they wouldn’t be an upcoming obstacle. After a recent failed attempt because of the Abomination driving out a squad sent by Ferris, the pressure that Mister Christopher put on Ferris to fulfill his goals forced the commissioner into taking drastic measures. By any means necessary, all homeless was to be eradicated from the sewers. This was something that Abomination also predicted after driving off the intruding law enforcement, that more will return and possibly resulting with the homeless being in great danger.

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    Even though Abomination prepared for another attack, he didn’t expect that the Hulk would join the next intruding squad, who was also unaware of the real reason why the homeless were being driven out. As Hulk found himself fighting Abomination in what he believed to be the most emotional fight between the two, he slowly realized that the Abomination was trying to install enough time for the homeless to escape. But the situation would turn for the worst when the police squad opened fire on the innocent homeless, resulting in nearly all of them dying. The gruesome scene sent Abomination into a state of grief that quickly turned into rage as he believed that no matter where he goes or what he does, society will always be there to take it away. This resulted with both Hulk and Abomination fighting through the sewers all the way up to the top of the Daily Bugle. When Abomination decided to attack a television copter, he changed his attention into attacking innocent civilians after threatening the world on live television. But Abominations blind rage came to an end when the television copter crashed into the sea after saving the lives of the copter crew. With Ferris’s actions under question, Hulk or any of the law enforcement was unable to find or locate Abomination after he crashed into the sea.

    Abomination would reappear as a guardian of the sewers with what remained of any survivors from the previous incident with the New York Police Department and the Hulk. Even though Abomination refrained himself from causing anymore attention from both Hulk or anybody from the outside world, Abomination still held a grim outlook of society as the real monsters. But even finding a few more homeless citizens or victims towards society found Abomination facing a new problem when saving the life of a young mutant known as Threnody. Bringing her into the sewers to find food and shelter, Threnody accidentlly killed two of the homeless with her mutant powers. This resulted with Abomination sending Threnody back out into the streets to live off on her own. It would be a few years later when Abomination encountered Threnody who was being captive by the Marauder’s Scalphunter and Arclight. Quickly taking out both villains, Abomination save Threnody and brought her back down into the sewers for food before forcing her to leave the sewers again. However a major problem would occur when Threnody was followed by X-Man who was looking for her, which resulted with both X-Man and Abomination fighting. Even though Abomination ultimately defeated X-Man, the monster was unaware that he was actually fighting an illusion the entire time while both X-Man and Threnody left the scene.

    Becoming further unstable and extremely dangerous because of his developed hatred for the outside world, Abomination later took residence within the Morlock tunnels. It’s not clear if Abomination was working for the Morlocks or if he was fully aware of their presence. When Angel regained his wings, the mutant hero found himself facing Abomination when trying to face his traumatic experience within the Morlock Tunnels where he was nearly killed by the Mauraders, who were also responsible for destroying his wings. Caring less about the real reason why Angel was down there, Abomination took offense to his presence that sent him into a state of rage. Abomination nearly killed Angel if not for Marrow saving him after stabbing him in both eyes with her bones spikes.

    Abomination would later come across a situation when his sewers were invaded by law enforcement a second time that resulted with Abomination’s army of homeless fighting against the police. During the fight, a group of travelers from a different timeline where Hulk took over as the Maestro interrupted the battle, which quickly resulted with the fight being escalated. By the time Abomination interrupted the scene, he quickly put an end to the whole ordeal before saving what remained of both the homeless and the travelers. Enraged with his group for the fight, Abomination decided to part ways with them because of how the entire fight began with them wanting to enter the surface world and that they were beginning to cause more trouble and attention from the surface world. But another problem would occur when a few travelers who were knocked out during the battle mistaken Abomination as a threat, which resulted with a few of the travelers attacking Abomination. Shocked as to how this responded to Abomination’s act of kindness, the situation would get much worse when Shulk entered the scene. Another native who was from the same timeline as the travelers, Shulk was sent to hunt down one of travelers who was pregnant with Maestro’s child. But Shulk’s mission was something that Abomination didn’t approve which resulted with Shulk and Abomination fighting. Even though Shulk gained the advantage over Abomination, Shulk was killed by her companion, Kaspin, as a way to save the child. When Abomination and the travelers parted ways, Abomination took Shulk’s body and gave her a proper burial, which he occasionally visits.

    A Personal Vendetta

    When Abomination finally decided to walk out into the surface world among society, he attempted to blend in by wearing an over-coat and a hat that would cover most of his appearance. But because of his fragile state of mind, Abomination still held a dwelling hatred for both society and most of all, the Hulk. Something else that Abomination couldn't avoid when walking the streets, was seeing the Hulk. After watching the news from a display television outside of a corner store that covered the recent incidents of the Hulk, Abomination decided that all his problems and tragedies were because of the Hulk, and held a strong desire for vengeance. Of course this did led Abomination into another lengthy fight with the Hulk, who was currently in a delusional state as he began seeing Abomination as different incarnations of the Hulk. Unaware that Hulk was guided by Mercy into killing Abomination, this almost happened if not for the fight being interrupted when both monsters were washed out of the sewers that they were fighting in.

    Despite his recent defeat that nearly costed his life, Abomination's obsession with gaining revenge on the Hulk took itself on a much more personal level when learning that the Hulk was married to Betty Ross. Because of his delusional beliefs that himself and Hulk were the ugliness of society and after losing his wife, Nadia, who believed her husband to be dead, Abomination believed that Hulk didn't deserve any type of a normal life because of who he is. This resulted with Abomination secretly adding his own radioactive blood into Betty's during her stay in a hospital. As planned, Betty later suffered greatly from the results which resulted with her assumed death, leading to greater problems when everybody else believed that Betty's death was because of her husbands.

    Dear Betty..., Always On My Mind (Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 Issues 24 and 25)

    It is revealed that after the events of his confrontation with Hulk and Ross, and the confession of murdering Betty Banner, Abomination would spend most of his days dwelling at the bottom of a lake, contemplating what he has done. At some point Emil finds volunteer work as a writing instructor for a class at a public library. Disguising himself and covering his whole body so that no one could recognize him. During one of the lessons, Emil tells them a fantasy story about love, loss, revenge, and consequence. Unbeknownst to the class, the story is loosely based on Emil's life. Through this story it is shown that Emil hates himself more than anything. When asked if the story has a happy ending, he simply replies “No. Happy endings are for lazy writers.”

    On a rainy night, Emil uses a pay phone to call Nadia; however, when she answers, he says nothing. She believes him to be a perverted stalker and threatens him. Emil quietly walks away from the phone and returns to the lake once again.

    Sometime later, Emil informs his class that he can no longer be their teacher, much to the dismay of the students. He greatly appreciates them but tells them that it is best that they do not know why he must leave. As a parting gift he, leaves them a poem with instruction to read it after he has gone.

    Though my lover lives in suns caress, I flee her here into the dreamless lake, to suffer it's cold embrace, as though water itself might forgive. She lives above and I below, where waters call is to nights of solitude. To breathe her air would be to bring her here, into the cold stir of a languid sea. And so I cringe and crawl under the waters heavy blankets, into a sleep without dreams, mercifully blinded to her image, Awakening alone, in the sorrow filled arms of the ocean.”

    Late at night, as Abomination rises from a reservoir, he is ambushed by the Hulk. An intense fight ensues, with Abomination getting the upper hand. Blood gushes from Hulk's face as Abomination taunts him over Betty's death. This causes the Hulk to go berserk and brutally beat the Abomination; however, he does not let up on his taunts. Welcoming death, Abomination tells him to finish it; however, Banner regains control and Ross takes Emil into custody.

    At a secret facility, Abomination is locked away and restrained. Banner visits him a plays a recording found of the last time Emil was with Nadia, before the transformation. Both share a passionate kiss and hug as Nadia claims that she will always love him. Abomination begs and pleads with Banner to turn it off, as it is played in loop. Abomination screams in terror as Banner leaves the facility.

    Dark Minds, Dark Hearts (Incredible Hulk volume 2 issues 50-54)


    At some point in time, a sinister and secret organization (hell-bent on capturing the Hulk) sent two agents to the complex where the Abomination is. The two agents promise Blonsky that if he agrees to aid them in capturing the Hulk, Abomination gets his freedom. But despite the proposal of freedom, Abomination becomes silent. However, Bruce Banner, arrives in a small city (not far from where Abomination is stuck). In this place, Bruce has the pleasure of meeting Nadia. After a while, Nadia seduces Bruce Banner and the two make love. The two agents use a camera to film the scene between Bruce and Nadia. The agents of the organization show the images to the Abomination. In a fit of rage, He breaks free from his bonds.

    It is later revealed that Nadia is working for the organization, as they promised her a reunion with the husband, if she were to help capture Banner. Nadia has doubts on following through with the deal. She later reveals who she is to Bruce. She explains the Emil is her husband and that he use to savagely beat her. She tells him that her whole reason of coming to america was to seek revenge against him.

    One of the agents threatens Abomination, claiming that they have placed an explosive in his neck; however, both agents start fighting each other, and Abomination frees himself and destroys the facility. He then goes on a rampage and destroys a small town.

    Nadia drugs Bruce and she decides to solve the problem alone. Nadia confronts the Abomination, who is extremely upset with her, but Nadia attempts to use the detonator in his neck to kill him. To the surprise of Nadia, the detonator does not work, Abomination reveals that the agents lied to her. Hulk then appears on the scene. Abomination and Hulk battle it out as agents of the mysterious organization arrive via helicopter to capture the Hulk. Abomination suddenly reminds Hulk of Betty's death. In a violent rage, Hulk brutaly pummels Blonsky and launches him into the helicopter.

    During the Tempest Fugit storyline, these events (as well as a vast majority of Bruce Jones run on the series) were discovered to be a dream state brought about by longtime Doctor Strange villain Nightmare in an effort to torture the Hulk.


    After the transformation of General Thaddeus Ross into the battle crazed Red Hulk, the red beast wanted payback for what Emil Blonsky had done to his daughter. Stealing a SHIELD designated gun, he leaped into Russia and tracked down the gamma mutant, shooting him repeatedly in the head, but not before pummeling his head to the point that he fractured his skull. In the process of killing the Abomination, the Red Hulk destroyed a small village, causing the deaths of everyone inside.

    This also is the first time that Red Hulk's heating abilities are shown, as his footprints where coated in glass, his anger was so great he melted the rock around him into shards of crystalline glass.

    Chaos War

    The Abomination returned during the Chaos War, seemingly more powerful than ever as he is strong enough to engage most of the Hulk family in close quarters combat. Abomination served the Chaos king and teamed Up with Zom to find Marlo, who was at the time deaths host.

    Haunted Hulk

    Recently, the Abomination was one of several entities that haunted the Red Hulk, having been summoned to him after his cooperative team-up in Hell with Flash Thompson, the current Venom, X-23 and Alejandra the female Ghost Rider. The Red Hulk, haunted by a powerful spirit, was swarmed by the ghosts of those that he was partly, if not entirely, responsible for killing. The Abomination, craving revenge for what Ross had done to him in Russia after his transformation, sank his claws deep inside the Rulk, making him squirm and shake in pain. He then rammed his hand through his skull, wanting the Red Hulk to feel every ounce of pain he felt when the Abomination was shot and beaten to death. Luckily for Ross, Doctor Strange arrived in time to scatter the attacking ghosts, saving Red from becoming lunch for an army of life-starved specters.

    When the doctor sent Red Hulk to Europe to find a Penance Pool to exorcise the spirits haunting him, The Abomination threatened the Red Hulk to not only kill him, but to go after his daughter Betty and finish the job he started years ago when he initially poisoned her. At one point, when The Forgiven, a small legion of reformed warrior vampires, attacked Red Hulk, thinking that he was trying to destroy the Penance Pool, Abomination tried to drag the Red Hulk underground, wanting to kill him and tear his spirit into pieces. Red Hulk managed to beat back the ghosts and jump into the pool, where the holy waters quieted down the spirits haunting him.

    However, one spirit did remain. And he was determined to make the Red Hulk suffer, by any means necessary.


    A shadow organization bent on gaining control of the Hulk, harvests biological material from a mortally-wounded Banner. After Banner regains consciousness following the experiment and escapes as the Hulk, the organization uses this material to resurrect the Abomination under their control. Leaving him "free of a mind or a conscience" He is sent to retrieve Banner. Upon finding him, the two engage in a violent battle that levels an entire town. Abomination displays greater power then previously shown as he utterly dominates the fight and beats Hulk so bad that he reverts back to Bruce. The Avengers arrive in time to save him but are seemingly outmatched by Abominations raw power. It is also revealed that Abomination is highly radioactive and is somehow capable of disrupting the powers of Hulk and Captain Marvel. Hulk would eventually manage to defeat Abomination with the aid of the Avengers. Iron Man uses technology taken from agents of the organization to teleport the Abomination into interplanetary space estimated to be "somewhere in the vicinity of Jupiter".

    Green Door

    Harvesting tissue for experiments
    Harvesting tissue for experiments

    Blonsky's body would be retrieved by the scientists working for General Fortean at Shadowbase. Although, gamma mutates have been coming back to life by walking through the Green Door in the Below Place, the underworld for gamma mutates and source of all gamma energy, Blonsky had not yet resurrected. Instead, his remains were grafted to Rick Jones, who had resurrected. Fortean used the combination of gamma mutates as a mind-controlled soldier to take on a resurrected and more intelligent Hulk.

    After Hulk rescued his old friend by ripping him from Blonsky's corpse, Fortean decided to graft himself into the body and take on the Hulk himself. Fortean would end up regretting this decision when Blonsky finally exits the Below Place through the Green Door and take back control of his body (and by extension Fortean's). Blonsky uses Fortean's Shadowbase resources to create his own gamma lab. Using tissue from his own body, he resurrected Skaar, created a gamma mutate out of Fortean's daughter, Dionne, and designed a supplement called Fortify that creates gamma slaves for Abomination to use as his goons.

    His plan would ultimately be thwarted by Gamma Flight, a team of Hulk friends and foes that originally banded together to investigate the mysterious resurrections of gamma mutates. They shut down the lab, but Blonsky made a strategic retreat.

    Devil's Reign

    During Kingpin's crackdown on masked vigilantism in New York City, he deputized a number of supervillains as his Thunderbolts. Blonsky was his secret weapon. When the Thunderbolts tracked down The Purple Children, whose powers Kingpin wanted to take advantage of, the Thunderbolts were attacked by Jessica Jones and The Champions. Abomination was sent into the fight to tip the scales, ensuring that the Thunderbolts captured 4 of the 5 Purple Children.

    Four of the Purple Children were enough for Kingpin to undo the psychic blind spot that was stopping Fisk from remembering Daredevil's true identity. Once he had the information again, he abandoned all his plans for revenge, but first caused a riot distraction by mesmerizing the Thunderbolts, including Blonsky, into attacking the citizens.

    He was eventually captured and imprisoned after Luke Cage beat Fisk in the election for Mayor. He attempted to escape with his fellow Thunderbolts, but Cage's new Thunderbolts, led by Hawkeye, recaptured him.


    No Caption Provided

    The Abomination has many powers that are nearly comparable to the Hulk, but because of how Emil Blonsky was given a stronger dose of radiation that three times more concentrated and intense than that of the gamma radiation that Banner himself had received from the nuclear explosion that had turned him into the Hulk which was meant to kill the Hulk. Abomination holds different traits of his own that do in fact make him greater in some ways when being comparable with the Hulk.

    The Abomination possesses vast physical superhuman strength the full limits of which are unknown and have never been measured as the Abomination is physical one of the strongest beings to ever walk the face of the Earth. Originally, the Abomination was said to be more than twice as strong of that of the clam Hulk allowing him to physical lift well over 200 tons of weight and as of now could be strong enough to left several hundreds, maybe even a 1,000 tons. Like the Hulk, the Abomination is strong enough to create strong and powerful shock waves that are equivalent to that of a small tornado that can shake entire city blocks by either clapping his hands together or by slamming his fists or feet into the ground and his own fists are even capable of striking with a maximum force that is equivalent to that of an explosion of over 500 pounds of TNT. Doctor Strange has even stated that while being dead, the Abomination was physical the strongest prisoner in the underworld. The Abomination also possesses a much higher degree of resistance to pain and physical injury than that of normal humans allowing him to be impervious to high caliber bullets including from artillery cannon shells and his body is also capable of withstanding falls from orbital heights such as crashing from low Earth orbit, powerful missiles and high frequency energy attacks, large explosions, and physical blows from superhumans like Hulk, Wonder Man, Namor, Hercules, Thor, Colossus and She-Hulk with much less harm than normal humans as well as the extreme cold of -247 degrees Fahrenheit to the extreme heat of over 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit without being in any kind of severe discomforts such as severe blistering, freezing, or crushing conditions and can handle pressure from being over 15,000 feet under the ocean and has survived going through re-entry. The Abomination may possibly hold an even greater pain threshold in comparison with that of a normal savage Hulk. It has even said that the Abomination can withstand anything short of an direct detonation of a nuclear warhead explosion from a distance of less than ten feet away and it is possible that he is capable of surviving even that.

    The Abomination's physical superhuman strength extends into his leg muscles allowing the Abomination run and move at speeds that are far beyond and superior to that of the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete as the Abomination can run, keep up, and catch up to accelerating cars while on foot and leap and cover vast distances and reach great heights within a single jump. The Abomination is capable of reaching a height of over 870 feet into the air within a single leap and the Abomination has also been known to cover a distance of over 2 miles within a single bound. The Abomination's physical superhuman strength also extends the size and strength of his lungs allowing the Abomination to hold his breath for much longer periods of time than normal human and even have a super breath.

    The Abominations' body gives off very faint trances of fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of the musculature of a normal human being giving the Abomination superhuman endurance and stamina. As a result of that; the Abomination can fight, run, and perform other physical activities that will allow him to physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days to several weeks on end before the before the build up of fatigue toxins in his bloodstream begins to impair him and affect his overall capabilities, has faster reflexes and reaction time to catch missiles such as a RPG shell and if injured the Abomination’s metabolism enables him to rapidly regenerate and heal with much greater speed and efficiency than that of what normal humans are capable of in similar manner to the Hulk‘s metabolism, allowing him to regenerate from large amounts of damaged or even destroyed bodily tissue that would be fatal to normal humans within a matter of moments regardless of the cause allowing the Abomination to heal quickly from almost any injury such as having his eyes gorged out of his head. This healing factor extends to his immune system as well rendering him to be immune to the effects of all known Earthly diseases and infections including from the effects of radiation or diseases like AIDS as well as any other types of poisonous or toxic substances, allows him to requires much less food, water, air, or sleep in order to stay alive and function normally, and also extends his life span as he has shown to stay alive in the 22nd century being well over a hundred yet still be in his physical prime.

    The Abomination's physical senses such as his sight and hearing are heightened to somewhat of a higher and greater degree than that of what normal humans are capable of, Has shown to have claws at time, can breath underwater by having his lungs equalizing the pressure. The Abomination can enter a coma-like state of suspended animation in times of extreme pain, prolonged exposure to extreme cold, or extended lack of air exposure in which he can survive, perhaps indefinitely even in the void and vacuum of outer space and will still retain full physical strength and health after being revived. Like the Hulk, the Abomination is capable of absorbing gamma radiation that would increase his superhuman strength and durability to higher superhuman levels that would make him physical stronger, more powerful, physical tougher, and more resistant to physical injury.

    Emil Blonsky is able to speak fluently in both English, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian. Is a formidable hand to hand combatant, preferring to use street fighting techniques that enabled him to make full use of his great size, physical strength, and resistance to injury as well as using any other kind of fighting techniques and skills he learned from his time with the KGB making the Abomination an above average unarmed combatant and was skilled spy and saboteur of the KGB prior to his transformation into the Abomination with talents in Computers, Electonics, and Engineering with Detective and Espionage skills with excellent intuition skills allowing him to pay fine attention to details.


    Unlike the Hulk, Abomination has retained his intelligence when being transformed and also retains full memory of the events during his time as Abomination when reverting back to normal. However, the Abomination doesn’t have the will or ability to change back into his human form.

    Even though the Abomination is able to withstand fire damage, weather damage, disease, shock resistance, blunt force, explosives, and missiles while sustaining little to no physical injury. The Abomination is still vulnerable to massive explosions of certain types of experimental chemicals and toxic materials as it took a great deal of time for the Abomination to fully heal from it.

    Adamantium and Vibranium are one of the few types of metal that can still price the Abomination’s skin.

    Chaos War Abomination

    During his return, abomination became far more powerful than he use to be, being able to engage most of the hulk family members.He has also shown to be strong enough to rip the blue hide off of A-Bomb.


    Height: 6'8" (First Appearance) 12'0"(Last Appearance) (as Abomination), 5'10" (as Blonsky).

    Weight: 980lbs (First Appearance) 2,500 (Last Appearance) (as Abomination), 180 lbs (as Blonsky).

    Eyes: Green (as Abomination); Blue (as Blonsky).

    Hair: None (as Abomination); Blond (as Blonsky).

    Skin: Green, (as Abomination) sometimes yellowish-brown. Caucasian (as Blonsky).

    Unusual Features: Abomination naturally has an appearance that holds reptilian features such as scales, rigged eyebrows, three fingers and two toes, and claws. After his incident of being doused by toxic waste, Abomination's skin and facial features held a melted appearance and having almost half of his face horribly disfigured, eventually his appearance returned back to it's normal reptilian state.

    Alternate Versions

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Chang Lam

    Marvel Zombiverse (Earth-2149)

    Emil is one of the infected and is now a zombie.


    The Abomination of Earth X was cured by Bruce Banner of his mutation.

    Other Media


    The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    Abomination in the movie
    Abomination in the movie

    The Abomination (Emil Blonsky) is the main villain in the The Incredible Hulk, played by Tim Roth. In this movie, Blonsky is a U.S. military Captain who closely resembles the same role of Major Glenn Talbot within the Hulk comics. Participating with General Ross's hunt against the Hulk because of his recommendations during service, Ross nominates Blonsky into taking an experimental serum called the Super-Soldier Serum where he would develop increased strength, stamina, and speed, but putting Blonsky at risk when knowing that the secret for the Super Soldier Serum died with it's original creator and Captain America (who's presumed dead). After a successful trial, the experiment seemed to work perfectly when Blonsky showed increased strength, stamina, and speed, making Blonsky into becoming a perfect soldier.

    Taking lead in tracking down and detaining the Hulk at a local university, Blonsky got too careless when deciding to face the Hulk in a fight. Even though Blonsky did prove formidable, the fight quickly ended when Hulk kicked Blonsky into a tree and breaking all bones within his body. With the mission being a failure and Blonsky being told that he'll never walk again, Ross was shocked to later find a fully revived Blonsky who possibly seemed to be a little more stronger than before. A full rapid recovery was something that Ross didn't expect with Super Soldier Serum, and matters would turn for the worst when Blonsky began to go insane and desired more power that would make him to be Hulk's equal. This would result with Blonsky finding a Gamma radiologist known as Samual Stern, who was currently freeing Banner from becoming the Hulk, and force Stern into giving him the same powers that was taken away from Banner. Because of his previous injections of the Super Soldier Serum and Sterns Radioactive treatment, Blonsky was transformed into a massive monster who favored the name Abomination. After Ross managed to capture the Hulk, he found himself facing a new problem when Abomination was causing mayhem through the streets to draw out the Hulk. Realizing what he created, Ross was left with no choice but to release the Hulk and put an end to Abominations destruction. With both monsters pursuing a long and lengthy battle that placed Betty Ross at risk, Hulk gained the upper hand on Abomination as he ultimately defeated the monster. He is taken into custody.

    Tim Roth as Blonsky
    Tim Roth as Blonsky

    In an episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Ward is threatened with a reassignment to Alaska to watch Blonsky's cryo-cell.

    Tim Roth was in negotiations to reprise his role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the plans for the character to appear ended up scrapped.

    Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United (2013)

    Abomination appears in Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United, voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

    Abomination vs. Wong
    Abomination vs. Wong

    The Abomination makes a cameo appearance in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, voiced by Tim Roth once again. He is seen battling Wong at Xialing's underground fight club in Macau and is defeated by the sorcerer. In the aftermath of the fight, a discussion between Blonsky and Wong implies they have been training together and this was simply a test. The character is redesigned to more closely resemble his comic counterpart this time, though no explanation is given for how his appearance shifted so radically in the years since The Incredible Hulk nor how he became allied with Wong.


    The Incredible Hulk (1996)

    The Incredible Hulk (1996): Abomination
    The Incredible Hulk (1996): Abomination

    Abomination appeared in this animated series. As in the comics, Abomination is there to fight the Hulk, proving to be a powerful rival in terms of physical strength, and able to fight on equal terms against the Green Goliath. In all fights between the two monsters, Hulk is the winner. He is voiced by Kevin Schon.


    • Return of the Beast, Part 1& 2: Abomination is hired by both the Leader and Gargoyle to kidnap Bruce Banner. Managing to do so, Abomination found himself defeated in a second fight with Hulk.
    • Mortal Bounds: An episode that strongly resembles where Abomination poisoned Betty Ross, Abomination finds himself in a climatic fight against both Thor and Hulk.
    • Down Memory Lane: Abomination makes a scene where both Leader and Gargoyle tries to capture the Hulk.
    • Fashion Warriors: Abomination makes a scene as one of the Gamma Warriors who found themselves fighting against both She-Hulk and Betty Ross.

    The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    The Abomination also appears in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Show, with other super-villains. A primary character within the series who mostly appears with clumsy personality and who always resides with MODOK. He is voiced by Steven Blum.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012)

    Abomination - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
    Abomination - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Abomination appears in several episodes of the series first as a henchman of The Leader and then as a member of the Masters of Evil, alongside Wonder Man, Skurge, Crimson Dynamo, Baron Zemo and Amora. As in the comics, he harbors a deep-seeded hatred for The Hulk. He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.


    • The Breakout
    • Gamma World, Part 1 & 2
    • Masters of Evil
    • This Hostage Earth
    • Acts of Vengeance

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013)

    The Abomination appears in this 5-part web series, voiced again by Robin Atkin Downes.

    Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013-2015)

    Abomination in Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
    Abomination in Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

    The Abomination appears in the series, with Robin Atkin Downes reprising his role. Like in the movie, this version of Abomination is traced by to Emil Blonsky volunteering for a procedure to help defeat the Hulk. However, after going on a rampage and being defeated by the Hulk, the Abomination was imprisoned by a remorseful Thunderbolt Ross. Abomination appears as a recurring menace throughout the show, even working for the Leader at one point. In his last major appearance, he is drained of his Gamma powers by the Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, reverting him to normal.


    • The Abomination
    • Monsters No More
    • Homecoming
    • Spidey, I Blew Up The Dinosaur
    • The Dopplesmashers
    • The Big Green Mile
    • The Defiant Hulks
    • Spirit of Vengeance

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Abomination appears in "Contest of Champions" Pt. 1, once again voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. He with Beetle and Executioner as part of the Grandmaster's team of villains.

    Avengers Assemble

    Abomination makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Seeing Double," where he is taken down by Hulk and Black Widow.

    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

    Tim Roth reprises his role as Emil Blonsky in the Disney+ streaming service sitcom, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. After Jen Walters is outed as a Hulk, she is recruited to a large law firm that is starting a superhuman law division. Their first client is Blonsky, who is seeking parole now that he has supposedly reformed using yoga to soothe his super-soldier temper.

    Video Game

    Abomination in the Avengers game
    Abomination in the Avengers game
    • The Incredible Hulk (1994) - Abomination appears in this video game for the Super Nintendo.
    • The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - Abomination appears in this 2005 video game and is voiced by Ron Perlman. He is the main antagonist for the game.
    • The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Though Tim Roth reprises his role as Emil Blonsky in this 2008 video game film adaptation, Abomination is actually voiced by Jon Curry.
    • Marvel Super Hero Squad - Abomination is featured as a recurring enemy in this 2009 video game. He is also featured in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.
    • Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - Abomination is a card in the "Heroes and Heralds" mode.
    • Marvel Avengers Alliance - Abomination is a boss character.
    • Marvel Contest of Champions - Abomination is playable fighter.
    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Abomination is a playable character.
    • Marvel's Avengers - Abomination appears as a boss character, voiced by Jameson Price.


    From Hulk Classics, Marvel Select, Kotobukiya and Marvel Legends
    From Hulk Classics, Marvel Select, Kotobukiya and Marvel Legends
    • Abomination was featured in ToyBiz's 1996 Incredible Hulk line.
    • Abomination was featured in ToyBiz's Hulk Classics line.
    • Abomination was featured in ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics line.
    • Abomination was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends Onslaught Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The movie version of Abomination was featured in Hasbro's line for The Incredible Hulk film.
    • The Abomination was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Bowen Designs produced an Abomination statue and bust.
    • Sideshow Collectibles produced an Abomination statue.
    • Kotobukiya released an Abomination statue based on his movie appearance.
    • Abomination was featured in Diamond Select's Marvel Select line.
    • Abomination was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Abomination was included in Hasbro's Marvel Legends Raft combo set, which was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.
    • Abomination was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.
    • The video game version of Abomination was also the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

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