Character » Abo appears in 3 issues.

    A member of Freeza's Planet Trade Organization, Abo and his brother Kado were ranked with the Ginyu Force and Cooler's Armored Squadron. They have continued to plague the universe after Freeza's death.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Ado and his brother were originally some of Freeza's most powerful henchmen. They equaled the Ginyu Force and Cooler's Armored Squadron in rank and were above Zarbon and Dodoria. Once they appeared on Earth it was said that they now rivaled Freeza, but they unfortunately did not specify which form. After performing Merge with his brother and forming Aka, their power soared to the point where they were able to best both Goten and Trunks who were forced to perform Fusion themselves.


    Cloning - Abo is able to create 2 illusions of himself. These illusions are more advanced than the afterimage technique since they can hit and cause damage, but they will dissipate if the original is damaged enough and they do not give off an energy signature so beings that can sense power levels can easily tell the original from the clones.

    Flight - Abo is able to fly

    Merge - Abo is able to merge with his brother Kado to form Aka. Aka is about twice the size of either brother and was able to fully dominate both Goten and Trunks. While in this form they caused a large amount of collateral damage to Mr. Satan's hotel and the surrounding area, but was dominated in combat by both Gotenks and then Goku.


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