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Origin: Curse of the Mutants

Namor first comes into contact with the Tridents when he needs a squadron of warriors to fight the Aqueos. He finds the leader General Kadar killed and so his son Husam takes command. The Tridents are reluctant to follow Namor but are swayed to do so out of loyalty to Kadar. Abira is in a relationship with Husam and like the others in the group, is originally skeptical in following his plan to recover Dracula's severed head. They aid Namor in recovering the head but they are not without losses as Husam's brother is captured. Abira is later brought to Namor by Husam in order to help recover from another Aqueos attack. She reveals that she had never intended to be a warrior but was forced to do so because of the danger the Atlanteans now found themselves in. She and the other Tridents accompany Namor in an attack against the Aqueos and they are led into a trap. Husam is captured and turned into a vampire as his brother was. Abira and Namor continued to the ancient Aqueos city to perform a spell that will wipe the vampires out. Namor is grateful to have her there for her Logomancing knowledge and together they are able to defeat Namor's Grandfather and turn back a large number of the Aqueos. Once the battle is over she hastily leaves to locate Husam but finds only he and his brothers remains impaled on a sharp rock. 


Abira was created by Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti in 2010 and first appeared in Namor: The First Mutant # 1. 

Major Story Arcs

Namor goes to Hell

Namor is honored in a parade for defeating the Aqueos and Abira is among the warriors who accompany him during this time. After the ancient kings and queens of Atlantis drag Namor to Hell, she immediately resolves to rescue him. With the help of Doctor Doom and Loa they arrive in Hell and begin to search for Namor. During their travels Abira voices her only concern is to find Namor, a point that Doom notes and poses the question as to whether she cares for him as more than just a subject would a King. She doesn't deny this and they eventually find him in a castle made of sand. Together they are successful in convincing Namor to come back with them, only for the Atlantean monarchs to attack and paralyze Abira. An Atlantean Queen mocks Abira within her mind while subtly hinting at the way she can help Namor. Abira admits her feelings for him and this allows her to break free and help him return to Earth. The two eventually spend the night together and have since entered a relationship.




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