Abdul Alhazred

    Character » Abdul Alhazred appears in 31 issues.

    Known as the "Mad Arab", and writer of the famous Necronomicon.

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    Abdul Alhazred is a character of the fictional universe created by writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Called the "Mad Arab", was a poet and Arab Demonologist author of the book Al Azif (called in Greek Necronomicon, 'the law of the dead').


    Abdul Alhazred would be a mad Yemeni poet of the Umayyad period (eighth century BC) would have written a book capable of opening the door to a parallel universe where evil beings inhabit willing to end our universe; titled it in Arabic Al Azif, run by Theodoros Philetas Byzantine Greek translation into the middle of the tenth century, with the label of Necronomicon.

    The data on Abdul Alhazred Lovecraft provides are:

    • Abdul Alhazred dreamed with Ib or Irem "The Nameless City", according to the homonym report, the night before singing his famous couplet, inserted after in the Necronomicon: "That is not dead which can eternal lie / and in the eons come, even death may die. "
    • His death would have occurred to have been torn apart and devoured by an entity that was invisible to the crowd that watched that event

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