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    ABC (Atomic Bacterial Chemical) Warriors - The Meknificent Seven increase the peace on the red planet Mars.

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    Created and written by Pat Mills, the ABC Warriors followes the exploits of an elite team of battle robots.

    ABC stands for Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical, the three types of warfare situations that the robots were designed to fight in.

    The leader of the squad, Hammerstein, originally appeared in the Starlord strip (and later 2000AD when the two comics merged) Ro-Busters.

    Ro-busters was a squad of disaster rescue droids owned by penny-pinching cyborg Howard Quartz. The team was made up of Hammerstein, Ro-Jaws, MekQuake (a future ABC Warrior) and Chatterbox.

    Over the years the ABC Warriors line-up has changed as team members left, returned or died. In this time the meknificent seven increased the peace against the Volgan Empire, the enemies of the planet Mars and on one occasion, Mars itself!


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