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More than a Mudder to Me

Costello buy a racehorse named Bagbones who seems very challenged but ends up winning the race because she was pregnant leading the other racers to be gentleman and let her win.

Don’t Lay Down on the Job!

The two of them are paid $100 to spend the night in a haunted house so Abbott makes Costello go but at the end the artist sticks Abbott in there anyway causing the ghosts to proclaim the neighborhood is ruined due to his snoring.

Fund Raising

Bud is trying to raise money for the money since it is in its “last quarter”

Stepping Up?

Costello attempts to bring a ladder to his singing lesson so that he can reach the high notes


Costello goes to a psychiatrist who asks him if he hears voices but doesn’t know where they are coming from at which point replies that he does when he is on the telephone

Food or Famine?

Ivan Invetorsky claims to have invented a food pill along with an aroma projector to cure world hunger but fears that it will also put people out of jobs

The Biggest Blast!

An astronaut called X-13 goes to Jupiter but doesn't notice the Martian there so heads straight back to earth but upon his arrival it is revealed on Independence Day that he is afraid of firecrackers

It Ends Well

A man named Dick McSlick taking advantage of Costello so Abbott tries to outsmart McSlick by tricking Costello into thinking he found an oil well and then getting McSlick to buy it for $40,000 but Costello turns him down because it isn’t enough money, not knowing that the well wasn't even real.



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Story Arcs

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