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Abby Sykes is an artist and wife of Dennis Sykes. She is the guardian of Kelly Sykes, the daughter of her deceased sister in law. She lives a fairly typical life, until her husband, who works at a bank attempts to intercede in a physical confrontation outside a hospital. Witnessing two men trying to steal medical supplies and beating a man, Dennis gets caught up and is overpowered. Unknown chemical wastes are poured into his mouth, however the Thing from the superhero team the Fantastic Four would appear and scare off the two thugs. The Thing would also take Dennis to the Fantastic Four Baxter Building so Reed Richards could examine him. Abby and Kelly were present, however they weren't made aware as Dennis had that he had cancer and was only expected to live for a few more weeks at most. Dennis does his best to keep the devastating news from Abby and Kelly, and he also keeps from then the development of super powers he starts demonstrating. Taking up a temporary role as a superhero to try and do some good before he dies, Dennis would adopt the persona of Matter. He would earn the attention of the criminal super villain Mr Negative who would send Hammerhead to terrorize Dennis's family. Dennis would stop Hammerhead and save his family, however he was also put into a position where he had to reveal to Abby and Kelly his impending death and sudden powers development. Dennis's use of powers were exacerbating his cancer conditions, but he kept putting into positions where he had to use them. A small ray of hope would present itself to the Sykes family when Reed Richards informed them of a flower in the Savage Land, the Resurrection Lily, which could treat his cancer. Abby and Kelly would travel with the Fantastic Four and Wolverine to the Savage Land however another confrontation with another villain and his men Mr Scratch would endanger Dennis family again, with Kelly being mortally wounded during the altercation. Dennis would acquire the rare Resurrection Lily, however he would use it on Kelly saving her life and signing his own death warrant. Dennis would die at home in his Abby's arms. Abby would volunteer at a children's hospital following her husbands death, and her and Kelly would be brought closer by the tragic family death.   


Abby Sykes is a Marvel comic book character who first appears in the limited mini series Heroic Age: One Month To Live #1 released in 2010. She is created by Rick Remender, Stuart Moore, John Ostrander, and Rob Williams.    

Character Evolution

Abby Sykes would play a small but important role in the 2010 mini series Heroic Age: One Month To Live #1. Costarring as the wife to the main character Dennis Sykes, her character arc would consist mostly of having to come to terms with her husbands mortality. The creative team behind the story and its characters were able to draw upon personal experiences with terminal cancer.      

Powers and Abilities

Abby Sykes is a normal average woman who possesses no superhuman abilities or powers. She is an artist. 

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