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    Arnold Etchison was convinced that his family was evil. He killed them, and believed he had absorbed some of their life force at their demise. Seemingly drawing strength from each death he tended to go for overkill in his murders which followed a ritual of skinning them.

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    Originally surname Etchinson, Arnold's uncle who was a politician disowned him and his father after realizing his own brother was a thief and a murderer and had his surname forcibly changed to Etkar to avoid any public association with him. As it turned out Arnold would prove to be just as bad as his father if not worse as he was committed to an asylum after butchering nineteen people. Years later Arnold managed to escape from Arkham with help from a unknown source, he focused his attention on his brothers son (Henry Etchinson) who was also an up and coming politician running for mayor. He turned up when Henry was at an election rally and killed Henry's wife in cold blood with a gun, shooting everyone else in the frenzy and attempting to kill Henry before he was distracted by Vicky Vale taking his picture, allowing Henry to escape. He chases after the reporter and would have killed her had Batman not shown up, never the less he managed to avoid capture. Using thorough detective work Batman was able to deduce Abbatoir's link to the Etchinson family and where he could find the villain. He managed to track Abattoir to his family's cemetery and after a brief confrontation Etkar was eventually captured. It turned out that it was Henry Etchinson himself who had arranged for the lunatics escape because he wanted Abbatoir to come after him during the rally in the hope that it would gain him publicity for the election, if he survived the killers rampage. It was also revealed that Henry's wife was filling for divorce and that he wanted Abattoir to kill his wife to avoid any bad press the divorce would bring. As a result Henry Etchinson was sent to prison and Abbatior committed to Arkham Asylum.

    When Bane sets all the inmates free from the asylum, Abattoir flees and goes on to kill several more family members shooting then skinning them, Abattoir then tracks down his cousins son (Graham) who was orphaned as a result of his fathers incarceration and currently works at Doctor Thompkins Orphanage. While Graham is preparing to take a group of orphans on a camping trip Abbatoir manages to commandeer their bus after posing as the driver (who he had killed earlier). Whilst driving them away far enough for anyone to find them Abbatoir revealed himself to Graham brandishing a gun and prepares to kill his cousin as well as the 12 orphans whose "Souls" he would "consume". However Batman's replacement, Azrael, catches up with Abattoir and the two battle on the roof of the bus. Unfortunately as it was snowing the bus lost control and nearly crashed off the edge of a cliff, while Azrael got the better of Abbatior in battle Abbatoir fell off the roof and managed to escape after the snow gave him a soft landing sliding off the cliff. With the bus dangling off the edge Azrael was left with the dilemma to pursue Abbatoir or save Graham Etchinson and the children. Ultimately Azrael chose to save the children and managed to pull the bus back up to safety with a combination of his grapple tied between the bus and a tree and his strength, by which time Abbatoir had managed to escape on board a oncoming train.

    Abbatoir later came after his nephew again and managed to kidnap him after being aided by Preston Payne (due to Abbatoir holding Paynes son hostage as leverage). Etkar then strapped his nephew in a torture device before having to escape from Azrael again who chased him into a refinery. Inside the refinery, Abattoir is nearly knocked into a vat of molten metal, but hangs on to a plank. Azrael does not save Etchinson, but allows him to fall to his death. Unknown to Azrael, Abattoir had kidnapped Graham Etchinson, and was keeping him in a hidden torture chamber. By allowing Abattoir to die, Azrael had condemned the innocent man to death.

    Bough Breaks

    For more information see: Batman Annual #22 - Bough Breaks

    Abattoir eventually returned as a ghost in an attempt finish his mission of killing relatives. He was trying to scare his last blood relative, a cousin, into a miscarriage. Batman, now back to full health and in his rightful role, confronts the ghost. Abattoir attempts to torment Batman, using Azrael's armor, but Batman proves to be unaffected. Batman eventually tricks Abattoir into abandoning the armor and his mission.

    Blackest Night

    Black Lantern Arnold
    Black Lantern Arnold

    For more information see: Blackest Night

    While Arnold's body is being transported from Gotham to Washington D.C. to be housed in the Justice League's fortified crypt, a Black Lantern Corps Ring, finds him and brings him back to life as a Black Lantern. Along with nine other Black Lantern, Batman villains, Arnold goes to Gotham Police Headquarters and starts killing cops, trying to get Batman's attention. Along the way Arnold stops by the Gotham Stock Exchange, to fill up on Avarice.

    At the police station Arnold corners Commissioner Gordan and Barbara Gordan, but Deadman comes to their rescue. Later, Arnold is on the roof when Batman, Robin and Red Robin show up and blow torch the Black Lanterns.

    Arnold, like the others reforms and is there later when the Black Lanterns corner, Batman and Red Robin in the cemetery. Arnold, like the others is completely tricked by Batman when he puts himself and Red Robin in ice to throw off the Black Ring's emotion detectors.

    Abattoir Reborn

    For more information see: Legends of the Dark Knight #10 - Off the Menu

    Batman was investigating a string of kidnappings. The kidnapper has been abducting members of Gotham's elite as well as those who are well educated. Dr. Adrian Kohut, a psychiatrist at Arkham who was treating Harvey Dent with his multiple personality disorder, is the latest victim of this elusive kidnapper. Batman observes Kohut's office while Gordon checks for any patients that might have a grudge against the doctor. Batman finds a fiber that matches a special napkin used at restaurant called Chez Nous. The restaurant was closed for renovation but Batman knew immediately that he was in the right place because he found the clothes of all the other victims hanging in the coat check room. It made sense now to Batman why so many victims had disappeared and no ransoms were made... the kidnapper was devouring his victims.

    Batman continues to investigate until he smells something delicious. He then notices a covered dish on a nearby table. Batman lifts the lid and is shocked by the mere sight of it. The kidnapper has taken someone's brain and sauteed it with a poached duck egg. Batman feels he is too late to save Kohut until he hears a noise coming from the kitchen. Batman races toward the kitchen and finds the decapitated head of Ben Cormicle, the head chef at Chez Nous. Batman continued to search the kitchen and finds Adrian Kohut hanging in the freezer with a meat hook protruding from his right shoulder. Batman calls in Gordon to investigate the crime scene while he acts on a new lead. Before Kohut went into a catatonic state, he told Batman that the kidnapper was after another potential victim. Gordon calls in Wallace "Wally" Camp, one of the precinct's CSI's, to investigate the crime scene.

    Batman makes his way to Prospect Park where the Wayne Foundation has renovated old brownstone buildings into livable homes. Dr. Bako Su, is a psychology professor at Gotham University and he becomes the kidnapper's alternative victim since he was unable to consume Dr. Kohut. Dr. Su tries to reach out to the kidnapper but the cannibal slaps Su because there are too many people talking. Dr. Su suspects that the kidnapper suffers from a multiple personality disorder but he is unable to get in contact with anyone since all personalities are fighting for control of the kidnapper's body. Batman arrives just in time to combat the cannibal but kidnapper feels so rushed by the Batman's interference that he takes his frustration out on Su. With the flick of his wrist, the kidnapper grabs a butcher's knife and slits Dr. Su's throat. Batman tries to keep Dr. Su from bleeding out but fails to save him.

    Batman returns to the Batcave and suspects that the killer practices Maori which is a social cannibalistic ritual among tribal warriors who celebrate their victory over their enemies. The killer put a tribal tattoo on his face in order to conceal his identity but Batman figures its a way to deal with the guilt and shame of his actions. However, the one thing that troubles Batman is the Maori connection with this new Abattoir because the killer possesses gymnastic and surgical precision skills. Batman goes back to the beginning of these Abattoir slayings and recalls two particular victims. One victim was Eddie Campbell, a parkour master and stuntsman. The other victim is Dr. Antonio Bayless, the former head of surgery at Gotham Hospital. Batman doubts it but its possible that the Abattoir is killing particular people in order to possess their skills and knowledge. Ultimately, this new Abattoir is troubled by multiple personalities and he knows it which is uncommon for those who suffer from this disorder.

    Meanwhile, Gordon investigates another murder in Crime Alley. The Abattoir killed a transvestite named Anthony Della Russo. Gordon asks Bullock where Wally Camp is but Bullock reports that Officer Murphy and Camp have been having problems with their relationship. Gordon then gets a call from Det. Montoya that a group of officers have found Camp's mutilated body in the precinct's parking garage and her gun is missing.

    Later that same day, Bruce heads to Orange Interior, a high end home catering boutique because he must see his decorator about a Paul McCobb desk. Bruce arrives at the Orange and is greeted by the store clerk. Bruce recognizes the clerk as Jersey Pallet, the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains that occurred a couple of years back. It was said that Pallet was trapped in the snowy mountains for six weeks until he managed to fix the plane and fly back to civilization.

    Bruce looks around the store and finds a pair of Charles Hollis Jones occasional chairs in Lucite from the 1970's. Pallet informs Bruce that the chairs are going for 4800 dollars which was 200 dollars less than the Brioni suit that Bruce was wearing. Bruce was impressed by Pallet's knowledge on vintage luxury items. Bruce also saw Pallet staring at his Patek watch but Bruce's attention was immediately taken away by something else nearby. Bruce noticed an assortment of Herend glass figurines on a table then he recalls one of Abattoir's victims. The victim's name was Becca Proust and according to the police file, there were a few figurines that were missing from Proust's glass menagerie.

    Bruce starts a conversation with Pallet by saying how strange it is for a modern mid century boutique to carry Herend figurines. Pallet doesn't respond because he suspects Bruce may be putting things together about his secret identity. Bruce then questions Pallet on how he managed to survive in the mountains for six weeks. Bruce says that one investigative reporter hinted at the possibility that there were other survivors besides Pallet. Pallet exclaims that the reporter was simply making wild accusations about him becoming a cannibal in order to survive the harsh wilderness in the mountains. Bruce brushes off Pallet's anger by agreeing with him that reporters are infamous for stirring up rumors in order to gain sweeps.

    Bruce tries to change conversation but stays on the topic of food. He asks Pallet if he ever tried offal or Rocky Mountain oysters. Pallet says he hasn't tried either one. Bruce then turns his attention to the McCobb desk and asks Pallet a hypothetical question "If someone were a cannibal, I wonder what they would say on how human flesh tastes?" It was at that moment that Pallet grabs Camp's gun from the back of his pants and pistol whips Bruce across the back of his head. Bruce falls to the floor unconscious. Pallet informs Bruce how we will enjoy consuming the essence of a billionaire and answers Bruce's question by saying "Human flesh tastes like chicken."

    Bruce wakes up in dank basement because he smells a delicious aroma. Pallet was performing mirepoix, a traditional consumption of aromatics. Pallet was mincing carrots, onions and celery to be sauteed as a precursor to his haute cuisine. Bruce tries to deter Pallet's attention by saying he should do a juice cleanse before the vegetables are cooked. Pallet ignores Wayne's chattering by walking towards him then proceeds by brushing his butcher's knife across Bruce's left leg.

    Pallet moves his diamond-fiber line blade closer to Bruce's genitals and explains that he suffers from a rare form of anthropophage. Bruce knows what the term means but he pretends to be stupid by asking Pallet what exactly is anthropophage. Bruce's question angers Pallet who says anthropophage is the clinical term for cannibalism. Bruce makes a joke by asking Pallet if he must eat Bruce's entire body or just a few pieces because he wouldn't mind losing a few pounds. Bruce's joke aggravates Pallet to the point where he gets up close and personal. Bruce headbutts Pallet and sends him tumbling across the room. The blade falls behind Bruce's back and Bruce uses the blade to cut his restraints.

    Pallet gets to his feet and pulls out another blade. He charges after Bruce but Bruce disarms Pallet by fracturing the distal radius in Pallet's wrist. Pallet milks his fractured wrist and his state of mind changes as Bruce approaches him. Pallet's voice suddenly becomes higher and octave as if Pallet were actually a woman. Pallet exclaims to Bruce that he is actually Wallace Camp, Gordon's CSI examiner. Bruce becomes stricken with a moment of grief because he knew Det. Camp and now Camp's essence has become a part of Pallet's twisted subconscious.

    Bruce gives in by trying to comfort Pallet not realizing that it was a sympathy act of Pallet's in order to drop Bruce's guard. Pallet grabs Bruce and throws him across the basement. Pallet makes another attempt to subdue Bruce. Fortunately, Pallet's blade was near Bruce. Bruce decided to take a desperate measure to put an end to Pallet's rampage. Bruce uses his training and understanding of the human body by inflicting cuts throughout Pallet's body. Each time Bruce dodged one of Pallet's blows, he made a quick incision on Pallet's body. Pallet began to slow down as his body was losing blood. Bruce's technique was effective and non lethal just as long Pallet gets medical attention afterwards.

    Bruce makes a call to Gordon's precinct and Gordon's team head to Pallet's location. The medical team manage to cauterize Pallet's wounds and give him a blood transfusion. Batman arrives on the scene and tells Gordon that the house belonged to Chris Phelps, the pilot of the plane that Pallet was in when it crashed. Pallet is taken away to Arkham in a catatonic state and is immediately put on a plant based diet.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hand to Hand Combat

    Abbatoir is able to hold his own against Azrael and Batman due to his bloodthirsty nature

    Endurance-Able to withstand large amounts of punishment from opponents for a limited time.

    Physical Peak

    Outstanding physical condition for a man in his 40's.


    Frenzied and powerful probably down to the adrenaline rush Etkar received after killing his victims

    Personality and Beliefs

    Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of Etkar was his lack of apathy, while his primary victims were his family members Etkar had no qualms with killing civilians as well , as a matter of fact he seemed to equally relish in slaughtering them just as much as his family. He would often get a kick out of torturing his victims first or the very least terrifying them, such an example was his treatment of his nephew Graham Etchinson whom Abbatoir strapped to a Bed of Spikes with weights dropping vertically above grahams chest. ( The mechanism was designed to drop one weight every hour resulting in a slow and painful death for his nephew.)

    Etkar strongly believed in the supernatural, in particular the possession of the human soul. He believed by killing a human he would posses their soul and gain their strength making him more powerful. Oddly enough Abattoir actually acquired these abilities twice after his death . The first as a reanimated Ghost trying to consume his last living cousins unborn child's soul, The second during the Blackest Night storyline when his corpse was reanimated as a Black Lantern.


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